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     File: 59.98KB, 660x370
All DAK's here.
¨ No.86
25.80KB, 307x446

¨ No.87
66.96KB, 720x537

¨ No.88
42.84KB, 960x643

¨ No.93
50.62KB, 640x426

¨ No.100
13.51KB, 345x509

¨ No.101
38.52KB, 364x465

¨ No.102
39.10KB, 333x480

¨ No.103
76.98KB, 600x800

¨ No.104
158.68KB, 400x355

¨ No.105
775.91KB, 850x408
How about DHD's?
¨ No.202
53.19KB, 540x335

¨ No.209
186.86KB, 407x512
other pics of this beauty ??
¨ No.225
98.78KB, 720x960

¨ No.229
60.06KB, 799x655

¨ No.352
67.75KB, 500x489

¨ No.357
40.23KB, 634x423

¨ No.408
88.47KB, 736x833

¨ No.520
97.69KB, 500x667

¨ No.632
1.21MB, 1104x668

¨ No.633
477.94KB, 693x461

¨ No.637
The support from these side is shit. I cannot see the pics in original
¨ No.638
click at "Show Image" in the "Free Box"
¨ No.645
172.62KB, 1066x600

¨ No.646
61.94KB, 480x640

¨ No.652
total fake ES-shit
¨ No.658
102.04KB, 470x706

¨ No.659
309.12KB, 1200x1200

¨ No.660
37.12KB, 242x323

¨ No.661
304.80KB, 2048x1536

¨ No.668
160.73KB, 940x1064

¨ No.669
342.75KB, 596x769

¨ No.727
86.62KB, 662x722

¨ No.743
143.28KB, 815x815

¨ No.797
245.14KB, 1080x1080

¨ No.798
51.85KB, 611x764

¨ No.799
364.62KB, 1280x1494

¨ No.808
341.00KB, 600x800

¨ No.818
30.99KB, 360x514

¨ No.819
114.35KB, 720x540

¨ No.820
152.63KB, 600x800

¨ No.821
130.49KB, 600x800

¨ No.822
103.21KB, 800x600

¨ No.823
102.52KB, 600x800

¨ No.824
115.09KB, 800x600

¨ No.825
108.48KB, 480x640

¨ No.827
200.61KB, 800x592
ole time DAK due to renal failure I believe with the dialysis bandage on her arm
¨ No.829
76.93KB, 584x584

¨ No.830
62.44KB, 636x382

¨ No.831
331.27KB, 753x396

¨ No.832
69.18KB, 636x382

¨ No.833
1.41MB, 1800x1200

¨ No.852
128.17KB, 400x300

¨ No.864
34.74KB, 614x534

¨ No.874
86.04KB, 378x600
¨ No.875
106.56KB, 434x600
¨ No.895
256.93KB, 720x960
Wheelchair thread indeed. Those models have legs

Why do Spinal Cord Injuries and Polio get confused with amputees? :-o
¨ No.899
35.97KB, 263x363
Great, Now There Are Two
Wheelchair Threads for women with 2 legs.

A pair of matched, short rounds in a wheelchair tops that any day. :-)
¨ No.917
What is your problem?
¨ No.923
37.60KB, 448x600

Tois and infringers. This is an amp board.
Maybe they should change the name to AnonCrip for inclusion of wheelchair ladies with 2 legs
Et tois?
What is your problem
you gotta upload off topic?
¨ No.924
¨ No.926
All other things being equal, a girl with paralyzed legs is more attractive than a girl with amputated legs.
¨ No.929
81.65KB, 563x768
Viva La Differance. To each there own. Now why not go find y'self a 2 legs & wheelchair site
This is an amp site. Comprende?
Amp site = less than 4
¨ No.933
>he doesn't even know the difference between "there" and "their"

I didn't know it was possible to be this stupid.
¨ No.935
139.56KB, 400x300

¨ No.950
137.77KB, 960x720

¨ No.964
35.69KB, 359x479

¨ No.985
24.19KB, 201x359
Got a stump or 4.
Got a residual limb or 4?
AnonAmp is the place for such images.
¨ No.1009
52.84KB, 439x394

¨ No.1021
Looks like our resident airhead made another video appearance. After her debut on Hawaii 5-0 demonstrated that speaking roles are definitely not for her, she's resigned herself to freakshow-type appearances:


Entertaining and sad.
¨ No.1023
254.03KB, 1080x1349

¨ No.1024
75.00KB, 1080x809

¨ No.1025
108.38KB, 1080x809

¨ No.1042
164.21KB, 450x600
¨ No.1061
56.82KB, 500x500
She chooses a DAK Cart.
Not a wheelchair, prosthesis nor
Chinese DAK Walking Stools
¨ No.1064
The world's largest Devotee exchange platform, the most abundant resources, permanent free of charge No fee to share resources:

¨ No.1084

Except you do have to pay to view the content, so what's the point?
¨ No.1085

You don't have to pay. If 45 people click on your referral link (like what is posted above) you have access to the site.
¨ No.1089

Like I said, it's not free. You have to spend time and work on getting people to visit the link. Money is exchanged for work, and work here is exchanged for money.
¨ No.1091
95.27KB, 1280x720
Anyone still uploading images.
Even with their sermon.
BTW amputeep is free.
¨ No.1092

Valid point. But I posted a link here the other day and within 20 minutes I had enough 'clicks' to get full access to the site.
¨ No.1093
22.22KB, 420x523
Love the image,
leaves a lot for the imagination
¨ No.1099
here is the link again... ;)

¨ No.1100
Fuck off, you dumb shit. The site is crap, and that whole link-spam thing doesn't make it any better. At least you can script out the garbage ads on this one (if you're smart enough... so not you, I guess)
¨ No.1101

And you don't think you just happen to get lucky because you found it before those 45 people who now most likely won't find another 45? Do you know how many people they all have to find? Your 3rd "generation" joiners (you being first, those first 45 being second) will have 2025 members.

This is insane. Stop it.
¨ No.1103
I joined amputeep a few years ago. It was $34 for six months. When that time expired there was no warning, my account got deleted.
¨ No.1122
63.05KB, 960x635
I joined, no money.
I upload there several times a week.
Maybe if you play, & upload - y'don't havta pay.
¨ No.1140
92.29KB, 505x619

¨ No.1172
126.61KB, 592x391

¨ No.1187
748.22KB, 678x945

¨ No.1229
44.50KB, 368x600

¨ No.1230
80.55KB, 522x714
Very oldie.
¨ No.1262
Are there any real DHD's? out there? Even the ones who are labeled dhd's are really dak's. I can't say I have ever seen a woman who had both legs removed completely ... I mean everything including the bone in the socket. All seem to leave a very very short piece of the bone making them a dak. I can see why they would want to do this. It would make seating much easier. I see several lhd and rhd and if you look the body "tapers" to the crotch where the leg was removed. I would think a true dhd would look the same ... both sides tapering to the crotch ( probably making some kind of bucket needed to sit ).
¨ No.1265
77.49KB, 550x514

Check out basketball girl for one
Here she is as an adult. Other images are her as a child, and I would not share them here.

BTW next time ask with an image. Gracias
¨ No.1278
There is a younger woman that some may know who was a DAK as a result of a car accident, but had a full DHD amputation quite recently (within the year). Her femurs were completely removed, although she definitely has some residual stump (which I would assume would help aid her in keeping her upright).
¨ No.1279
156.15KB, 1024x1024
Those lovely toes, feet, and legs gone forever. She is quite a pretty girl.
¨ No.1280
178.73KB, 1024x1024
Same girl ^. Another great before and after of this beauty.
¨ No.1281
are you trying to find pics of this new dhd lady or do you already know of her pics? would love to see some photos of her.
¨ No.1282
I believe the girl in 1279 and 1280 is now a DHD or an even higher DAK as of quite recently.
¨ No.1283
100.07KB, 482x1258
This is the same girl pictured in 1279 and 1280, and according to the source, this photo was taken 2 days before her accident. From what I gather, she is a DHD, but with remaining stump. And man oh man is she ever a hot little thing.
¨ No.1284

Those aren't the same people. And they're not amputees. Either photoshop or something is sitting in front of their legs making them look like an amputee. Nothing but a fantasy.
¨ No.1285
1.10MB, 750x1334
Definitely the same, just a difference between blond and brunette. All pulled from one of her social media outlets.
¨ No.1286
127.36KB, 960x960
Better image *
¨ No.1287
132.56KB, 750x731

¨ No.1288
115.86KB, 504x728

¨ No.1298
Can anyone please post the source of the girl pictured in 1279 and 1280? I did a bunch of searching and could not find anything on her or any pictures of her on the web. I want to know what the story is. Thanks!
¨ No.1299

You won't find anything because she's not a real amputee.
¨ No.1300
1279 and 1280 is most certainly real, she is on social media.
¨ No.1303
64.54KB, 591x400

When an upload doesn't even have an unrelated image attache = I do not trust them.
trolls. trolls. trolls.

Here imaged H0102 and her thick legged sisters >>1299
¨ No.1306
34.70KB, 707x482
This is about as close as you'll ever see, I think, and I don't think you'll see any modern examples because the bilateral ischiectomies tend to create intractable perineal pressure sores.

It's really hard to imagine medical indications for what you describe.
¨ No.1320
342.97KB, 683x1024
She is paraplegic too. Poor care resulted with the imaged extreme surgery.
Meanwhile Basketball Girl was due to trauma. Run over by a truck I believe.
¨ No.1321
133.94KB, 739x869
She looks like what would be a DHD now no? She appears to be standing on whatever remains she has versus sitting on her bum.
¨ No.1325
I hate to question things but is this picture really of a DHD or just a woman standing in front of a desk? I hope it is real but to you have any pictures to give definite proof she exists? Maybe a web site we could look at? Thanks!
¨ No.1327
64.38KB, 241x637
She is on Facebook. I believe it is against rules to post names here, plus she already has a very private account. That being said, she most certainly is real and is most certainly missing both legs. Although I do believe she is strictly a chair user and hand walker. Picture is from her Facebook account from what looks like 5-6 days before she lost her legs. It's too bad her profile is much more private. Likely from sites like this.
¨ No.1329
314.05KB, 1024x768

¨ No.1330
39.24KB, 320x480

¨ No.1332
153.76KB, 720x960

¨ No.1333
230.49KB, 720x960

¨ No.1335
156.80KB, 972x1296

¨ No.1336
91.04KB, 664x442

¨ No.1337
55.45KB, 720x540

¨ No.1340
pls more
¨ No.1342
20.62KB, 288x428

¨ No.1343
69.57KB, 433x600

¨ No.1344
153.73KB, 880x914

¨ No.1345
348.99KB, 1280x960

¨ No.1346
84.75KB, 612x683

¨ No.1347
285.28KB, 663x574

¨ No.1348
why would anyone remove the femurs ? Why would a DAK become a DHD? wouldn't that make the prosthesis harder to use? Re-amputation happens if she had some infection from the accident that's grown deeper into her legs or something.

this is a fake post. You guys are saving photos of certain women then you do ES. I know this trick. I know some devs using fake facebook profiles, using ES to pretend they are amputee women themselves.

not her social media account. Why do i see pictures of an ES DAK near the bottom left?
¨ No.1349
32.27KB, 423x476
Yes, there are quite a few women with no femur at all, they have to sit in a bucket prosthesis
¨ No.1350
There was a woman in my state who was shot by her cousin while he was shooting mailboxes (cerfied idiot). She was paralyzed and due to lack of health care in her rural area, she was unable to avoid serious infections. Sadly they eventually took both her legs and lower torso. With the help of the Woodrow Wilson Rehab center, they helped her bounce back, but it was a miracle for them to do it.
¨ No.1351

Please post a picture of her in her chair or anywhere else where she is not close to the edge of a table that could conceal her legs.
¨ No.1354
91.83KB, 400x300

It's Invasion Of The IMO's :-o
No images, just opinions.

IMO's try this trick.
"Image not related" Gracias!
¨ No.1372
91.67KB, 500x320
Turkish journalist wounded in a war zone.
Notice the other ladies show no leg.
¨ No.1381
1.67MB, 1334x750
Full DHD
¨ No.1383
156.82KB, 1280x720

Cut the bullshit. Every time someone calls you out all you can do is say "oh look, no images" and you ignore the actual content. Here, I posted a pic, now address the actual claims:

Not a single image you posted shows this girl as an amputee. The one that comes close (1285,1286) looks like an obvious paste of that pipe & panel right on top of her knees. All you keep doing is posting pics of her with legs and say that these are her "before" pics. What's funny is that some of these pics are newer than the last time someone tried to say she was real.
¨ No.1393
Just shut the hell up. If what he posts appears to be an amputee, that's good enough for me.

We don't need your certification that someone is "genuine" before we can all enjoy the picture.
¨ No.1397

But it doesn't appear like an amputee. It looks like someone who's knees are obscured. If that works for you then bully for you, but for most rational people it's just silly.

I have a concept of object permanence, and it's not something I can simply turn off at will. Covering something up doesn't immediately make me believe it is no longer there.
¨ No.1398
30.79KB, 450x600
From the Polish DAK series. A Paralympics swimmer.
¨ No.1399
We didn't ask for your analysis. If you don't like a given pic, skip it. Stop polluting the site with unwanted commentary. Just let us each enjoy the pics that we individually enjoy.
¨ No.1400
You mistake us for people who care about your opinion. In the words of David Cole: "Fuck off, little man"
¨ No.1401
Your a fucking moron. There really are DHD women, hell I have even had the pleasure of fucking one. She was the best sex I ever had, used to get all hot and bothered when I would fuck her and nibble on the tip of her lae arm stump.>>1348
¨ No.1402
49.42KB, 639x800
Can't we just share and enjoy images? Please

Here is another of a Polish Paralympic swimmer
¨ No.1405
I get you man.

The massive want and desire some devs feel make many of them extremely spiteful and jealous when someone suggests they've been with a real amp. Usually they just find it easier to dismiss what you say so they don't have to feel jealous.

I should know, I've had sex witha quad woman, and not from some accident that took her hands and feet, a real congenital, dhd dae quad woman. But whenever I try to talk about it, no one will take what I say seriously simply because I wasn't a creep who coerced nude pictures from her.
¨ No.1406
105.79KB, 640x480
Why oh why can't the ( )0( ) IMO's troll someplace else?

BTW I hear she does not like IMO's
¨ No.1407
Case in point.
So that's why I don't bother trying to convince anyone. Never believe me anyway.
¨ No.1408
You seem to keep forgetting that we just don't care. Could you just STFU and do whatever you want with your real or imaginary quad? Move along, nothing to say here.
¨ No.1409
please tell me whats IMO?
¨ No.1411
65.19KB, 352x555
IMO = In My Opinion.
Conceited sorts who can't be bothered
to upload an image with their opinion
on an image, not an opinion, Board.
Please include a thread appropriate image
with a question too, maybe. ;-)
¨ No.1436
1.98MB, 400x400
animated GIF

Does it work?
¨ No.1450
173.39KB, 704x480

¨ No.1456
If it annoys you so much, then I will comment on every post without an image.
¨ No.1483
132.33KB, 640x640

¨ No.1497
72.42KB, 563x960
Luv a matched pair of short rounds on a lovely lady.
¨ No.1515
29.33KB, 400x284
And some prefer long stumped DAK ladies.
¨ No.1534
94.62KB, 402x600

¨ No.1574
149.37KB, 609x748
A survivor on image boards. :-)
¨ No.1580
405.00KB, 751x1000
Alison. Not much images of her around.
¨ No.1581
307.06KB, 1650x1188
Alison, too.
¨ No.1582
76.46KB, 1080x631
Pascale. In the gym.
(would like to hold her stumps.)
¨ No.1596
86.12KB, 704x960
No legs with a great pair
¨ No.1615
48.55KB, 480x360
She sure got a pair
¨ No.1643
501.42KB, 1235x1194
Nice pair
¨ No.1665
501.68KB, 488x483

¨ No.1674
955.07KB, 260x146
Animated Gif.
Hope it works for ya
¨ No.1690
98.47KB, 400x300

¨ No.1706
94.78KB, 944x576

¨ No.1724
109.47KB, 576x960

¨ No.1744
55.69KB, 576x775

¨ No.1755
51.56KB, 702x800
¨ No.1764
146.50KB, 782x720
The one in blue is also paraplegic.
¨ No.1784
106.26KB, 400x300

¨ No.1795
129.79KB, 673x750
¨ No.1815
Really? How do you know?
¨ No.1823
111.80KB, 400x300
Her name is "Kim" it says so on her sales site. Also look how she moves if you catch up with her videos. Not scooting. More dragging
Next time ask with a thread worthy image, please
¨ No.1825
33.96KB, 575x345
She is actually not a para. She was just featured on jasmins site so soon after she became an amputee she just wasn't accustomed to life as a legless woman when she was filmed.
¨ No.1836
807.43KB, 1280x719
Kim - The dragging posture as she transfers from bed to wheel chair. Scooting requires being able to hold the stumps up.
¨ No.1837

She does move her stumps in some videos, but she never seems to bend her hip any tighter than around 100°-110°. I have 3 guesses as to why that is, but none of them are paralysis:

1. The bottom of her stumps, the skin that goes up her behind and to her lower back, all of it looks heavily scarred, suggesting burns. Healed skin like that is much less flexible, and it's possible her skin is preventing her from lifting her thighs any higher.
2. Her top/front thigh muscles are damaged/not there. It produces paralysis-like results, but it's more of a localized muscle thing than nervous damage.
3. Joint damage. Her hip socket was severely damaged and her range of motion is compromised.

If it's #1 or #3 then there are treatments she could get to improve her mobility. If it's #2 there's far fewer options.
¨ No.1838
50.15KB, 400x312

Everybody stfu and just enjoy the pictures.
¨ No.1840
100.64KB, 960x960

Lead by example
A thread worthy image!
¨ No.1863
186.03KB, 720x960

¨ No.1878
300.52KB, 1013x1099
Being on a horse is frightening enough with legs
¨ No.1879
222.79KB, 500x278
oops, wrong image with comment
¨ No.1911
196.52KB, 704x480
A great set
¨ No.1926
1.06MB, 1038x1400
How bored are "we" now?
¨ No.1953
19.58KB, 300x451

¨ No.1969
171.11KB, 960x960
¨ No.1980
66.78KB, 960x960
Imagine getting stumped by one of those
¨ No.1981
693.18KB, 683x1024

¨ No.1988
309.80KB, 571x1024

¨ No.1989
314.92KB, 1025x1280

¨ No.1990
89.67KB, 640x640

¨ No.1991
938.96KB, 2048x1365

¨ No.1992
144.00KB, 625x960

¨ No.2001
16.31KB, 400x300
A lesbian dev and her DAK
¨ No.2013
84.99KB, 800x600

¨ No.2026
82.07KB, 459x631

¨ No.2039
52.83KB, 250x376

¨ No.2053
106.89KB, 630x840
Properly viewed DAK :-D
¨ No.2056
85.58KB, 640x854

¨ No.2072
86.01KB, 540x720
>>2071 Oopsy

DAK Plus, again
¨ No.2080
126.55KB, 705x960

¨ No.2108
71.72KB, 500x435
DAK Plus
¨ No.2118
41.93KB, 400x396

¨ No.2143
32.32KB, 343x409

¨ No.2166
156.99KB, 1280x734

¨ No.2183
51.23KB, 540x720

¨ No.2215
47.46KB, 500x301
Should legged people sit on the floor to be at a
DAK's level?
¨ No.2230
40.73KB, 358x512

¨ No.2259
69.58KB, 720x960

¨ No.2274
478.56KB, 586x720
She was driving drunk
¨ No.2276

She paid the ultimate price. Forever confined to a wheelchair, never to walk again.
¨ No.2299
190.65KB, 839x1081
Altered Image Attack.
This one is real ;-)
¨ No.2308
62.03KB, 720x540
Great Frontal Stumpage
¨ No.2319
41.33KB, 315x709

¨ No.2335
96.99KB, 480x640
Bicycle riding DAK
Well sort of ;-)
¨ No.2337
53.03KB, 450x600
That's novel. Looks like a spare saddle in his left hand, so I'm guessing she sits on that behind him with her stumps in those moulded panniers.
¨ No.2338
Just don't see many DHD's and even less where you can see what is really left of their bodies. I know there is angle (in at least one video you can see her stump body and the ostomy bags). There is basketball girl (1265), 1343 is new to me (don't know if there is more of her), 1349 has been around for a long time and 1381 is our German woman ... lots of videos of her but all with lots of cloth on and some kind of large sitting cushion. I would love to see new ones (or even old ones I have not seen before). I have looked everywhere and can't find any.

¨ No.2341
1.40MB, 1080x1080

¨ No.2349
83.41KB, 574x768
Lorena Homar from many anon boards ago
She has a great set.
¨ No.2350
40.90KB, 433x623
¨ No.2351
39.42KB, 600x400
¨ No.2382
96.15KB, 540x960
One for the sisters.
¨ No.2388
376.98KB, 683x1024
A great pair of short rounds
¨ No.2400
67.28KB, 960x960

¨ No.2401
207.99KB, 810x1280

¨ No.2403
Is there any more of this beauty?
¨ No.2404
64.90KB, 960x540
You want more altered images?
Real is better don'tchythink?
¨ No.2410
206.63KB, 960x720
Apologies for believing she is an altered image. Suddenly lots of her is out there. Nothing revealing. All clothed similarly. Seems like a DHD or very short stumped DAK
¨ No.2416
333.28KB, 720x960
¨ No.2433
219.23KB, 968x1296

¨ No.2440
173.36KB, 540x429
Alena is back. It appears she has now sacrificed another finger to her circulatory disease.
¨ No.2447
34.18KB, 400x300
You've gotta feel for her. To make matters worse her legs disappeared a bit at a time and I'm sure her stumps are shorter now than when she first became a DAK.
¨ No.2462
45.58KB, 685x1000

¨ No.2463
86.70KB, 736x1104

¨ No.2464
69.91KB, 435x750

¨ No.2482
73.97KB, 564x476

¨ No.2494
64.07KB, 416x532
More here.


Imagine being a scooting DAK guy and this is your view of her.
¨ No.2507
108.96KB, 564x798

¨ No.2513
231.87KB, 1280x959

¨ No.2514
260.91KB, 1280x960

¨ No.2515
370.15KB, 1280x1408

¨ No.2519
173.00KB, 358x373

¨ No.2520
0.97MB, 723x982

¨ No.2522
483.76KB, 542x818

¨ No.2540
46.94KB, 540x540
Shawn with no purse or object in front
¨ No.2558
88.23KB, 699x685

¨ No.2559
54.15KB, 470x468

¨ No.2566
77.94KB, 636x590

¨ No.2598
197.48KB, 720x960

¨ No.2602
421.63KB, 500x634

¨ No.2603
380.58KB, 500x492

¨ No.2616
42.23KB, 500x504

¨ No.2651
100.94KB, 960x640

¨ No.2659
36.55KB, 480x360

¨ No.2684
58.02KB, 450x528

¨ No.2698
82.25KB, 575x738

¨ No.2708
58.90KB, 540x358

¨ No.2736
60.84KB, 610x908

¨ No.2746
41.68KB, 462x480

¨ No.2756
211.99KB, 683x1024

¨ No.2758
Let's fix those silly click-bait thingies, ok? No more ad-links. You're welcome.

¨ No.2774
24.47KB, 302x499

¨ No.2784
29.21KB, 359x420

¨ No.2804
100.05KB, 884x588

¨ No.2805
103.18KB, 1063x1398
So hot
¨ No.2817
49.45KB, 384x510

¨ No.2833
113.24KB, 432x603

¨ No.2867
91.02KB, 540x960

¨ No.2886
¨ No.2911
99.38KB, 640x468
This image always fascinated me. Some say it is an altered image. Some a true image of post WW2 rehab.
¨ No.2926
305.18KB, 1007x850

¨ No.2940
120.29KB, 454x748
Belted in, or on.
¨ No.2943
114.17KB, 734x743

¨ No.2959
224.25KB, 791x777
DAK and her cart.
¨ No.2979
66.52KB, 586x757

¨ No.2985
118.19KB, 705x960

¨ No.2998
Let's fix those silly click-bait thingies, ok? No more ad-links. You're welcome.


(hey anonamp moder.ator - how does it feel to actually have to do work for the 55 cents/month you make on clicks? Dumbass. Leave the internetting to the pros. kthxbai)
¨ No.3005

Wow, she's gorgeous! Any more pictures of this legless beauty?
¨ No.3008

Legless? Can your adjective be more offensive?
¨ No.3010
¨ No.3011
> 3008

Snowflake. Why should an accurate adjective be considered offensive?

It would equally be non-offensive if someone called you overly sensitive, idiotic, moronic, brainless, triggered, etc. If the term legless describing a lady without legs offends you, you really shouldn't be here... or really, anywhere.
¨ No.3016
38.96KB, 321x480
Got stumpdidileicous images to share?
¨ No.3038
165.55KB, 2200x1894

¨ No.3042
121.21KB, 800x800

¨ No.3067
21.02KB, 320x480
Got Diabetes? A major cause of DAK's.
And antidepressant meds cause Diabetes. :-/
¨ No.3094
107.61KB, 540x540
Stephanie V.
¨ No.3098
928.87KB, 691x1130
Nice DAK
¨ No.3126
62.80KB, 720x868

¨ No.3147
115.45KB, 430x600
Anyone seen any new Timea lately?
¨ No.3168

That slime bucket from visable probably raped her, too.
¨ No.3180
759.86KB, 960x541

¨ No.3186
256.64KB, 1280x960

¨ No.3193
1.51MB, 1080x1080
¨ No.3200
179.93KB, 750x936

¨ No.3202
109.79KB, 1080x1080
¨ No.3204
151.62KB, 1080x1350
¨ No.3206
Two crippled legless DAK ladies showing how they butt scoot towards the beach without using prosthetics or wheelchair

¨ No.3215
369.26KB, 373x1000

¨ No.3223

I'm a DAK and have a special wheelchair for navigating non-paved rough terrains.
¨ No.3241
164.88KB, 960x889
Seen any new DAK ladies lately?
¨ No.3247
445.92KB, 1280x1707

¨ No.3250
112.79KB, 1080x1350

¨ No.3258

I know this person. We're both missing our legs AK, and use the same prosthetist. She's super nice.
¨ No.3263
122.52KB, 1080x1350

¨ No.3270
67.42KB, 639x960

¨ No.3278
42.00KB, 604x453

¨ No.3287
105.46KB, 720x960

¨ No.3292
199.44KB, 960x960

¨ No.3301
89.64KB, 473x944

¨ No.3306
185.82KB, 576x880

¨ No.3307
84.92KB, 640x960

¨ No.3308
217.86KB, 1080x1350

¨ No.3318
44.03KB, 543x378
Veronica relieving a sore butt with belly time.
¨ No.3339
31.29KB, 283x312
¨ No.3346
65.54KB, 539x960

¨ No.3362
No more ad-links. You're welcome.

1. Install Chrome - https://www.google.com/chrome/
2. Install Violent Monkey - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/violentmonkey/jinjaccalgkegednnccohejagnlnfdag
3. Install AnonAmp Script - https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/32603-anonamp-script
4. Enjoy your porn free of ads and limbs -- just click the pictures, full-size image opens in new tab.
¨ No.3368
82.45KB, 720x1277

¨ No.3373
78.67KB, 736x736

¨ No.3382
392.90KB, 744x1280

¨ No.3384
86.33KB, 1080x1080
Who is this lovely lady? Anyone have more pictures of her?
¨ No.3387
nastya belkovskaya

pascale berkowitz
pascal berkowitz
¨ No.3390

wow so hot. no feet, no calf, no sweet little delicious toes, no knees... perfect legless woman, and she use wheelchair too which is how crippleds like her should have to do
¨ No.3392
1.26MB, 3082x1772
¨ No.3410
91.00KB, 600x730

¨ No.3424
56.35KB, 480x640
I love fair skin and dark hair.
¨ No.3430
181.00KB, 512x331

DAK point of view.
Especially if acquired.
¨ No.3445
42.61KB, 480x872
Lesbian devs and their DAK :-D
¨ No.3465
53.83KB, 599x600

¨ No.3476
35.50KB, 400x286

¨ No.3485
62.45KB, 760x760

Thanks, it was great while it lasted. It no longer works. I have reinstalled but now the ads and malware threats are back.
¨ No.3488
110.61KB, 736x551

¨ No.3489
934.80KB, 1280x1230

¨ No.3490
388.05KB, 1028x1280

¨ No.3491
308.62KB, 858x1350

¨ No.3492
77.02KB, 629x960
¨ No.3493
157.45KB, 960x1383

Suffering from that run-down feeling.
¨ No.3499
75.26KB, 960x540

She looks so much better when she is confined to her wheelchair.
¨ No.3516
61.22KB, 648x1080

¨ No.3528
23.00KB, 306x413
When she was newly injured.
¨ No.3538
355.75KB, 1080x1695

¨ No.3563
21.67KB, 400x347

¨ No.3596
1.25MB, 1252x1334

¨ No.3607
75.96KB, 540x720

¨ No.3629
39.63KB, 823x548

¨ No.3632
¨ No.3633

Wow, the fat girl in the first one must be so miserable. Obese and no legs with which to exercise. I feel so sorry for her :(
¨ No.3635
Not to start a whole thing, but A) She doesn't seem unhappy, B) If she wants to lose weight it's entirely under her control; like 90% of it depends on what you're putting in your body and not what you're burning. Admittedly her calorie intake is gonna be low due to not having legs to feed, but anyone can overcome that if they actually want to drop the weight.
¨ No.3637
IDGAF how zaftig she is. Her leglessness still turns me on.
¨ No.3654
48.41KB, 712x859

¨ No.3662
122.40KB, 319x480

¨ No.3668
27.32KB, 340x400

¨ No.3680
69.00KB, 720x960

¨ No.3709
46.77KB, 522x784
Whole lotta DAK
¨ No.3723
293.31KB, 1278x1920

¨ No.3725
340.93KB, 640x500

Super cute but her fingers are disgusting.
¨ No.3727
IIRC she was born with webbed fingers and no thumbs, so they had to separate them and maneuver the inside ones to give her an opposable grip.
¨ No.3729
At least she’s not a limp-dicked asshole like you are. Go fuck yourself, I’m sure no woman ever will.
¨ No.3732
49.45KB, 492x450
Congenital DAK beauty
¨ No.3733
196.05KB, 600x435

Also no thumbs
¨ No.3747
190.59KB, 773x1026

¨ No.3750
80.55KB, 227x340

¨ No.3751
74.70KB, 745x493
¨ No.3762
65.81KB, 540x380
Was she "Basketball Girl"?
¨ No.3763
96.14KB, 800x440
>>633 >>632 >>1320 >>3750 >>3751 >>3762
Yes, she is the young girl nicknamed "Basketball Girl." Today, she is also a Paralympic swimmer for Team China!
¨ No.3764
43.14KB, 800x420
¨ No.3765
83.97KB, 800x505
¨ No.3774
32.84KB, 402x604

Thank you. Got any updates on Li Xuemei? :-D
¨ No.3780
44.76KB, 585x891
Li Xuemei
Retired too soon similar to Olga
¨ No.3806
41.38KB, 480x360

¨ No.3819
1.20MB, 1334x750

¨ No.3821
1.03MB, 1334x750

¨ No.3832
55.80KB, 639x960
what a set of short rounds
¨ No.3845
50.69KB, 736x1079

¨ No.3848
117.41KB, 1320x732

¨ No.3855
54.39KB, 306x736
Then --
¨ No.3856
56.92KB, 634x764
¨ No.3863

Fuck those stumps are hideous. She needs a major revision.
¨ No.3879
78.00KB, 540x960
>>3863 "Fuck those stumps are hideous. She needs a major revision."

Says The Troll.
Just another IMO.
No images.

Shame on Me!
I am feeding the troll.
Watch for reply with no image or not relevant one.
¨ No.3892
141.98KB, 538x839

¨ No.3910
88.19KB, 471x699

¨ No.3920
193.84KB, 795x600

¨ No.3931
122.85KB, 406x600
¨ No.3949
104.04KB, 768x1024
Anna of Russia
¨ No.3973
17.58KB, 286x429

¨ No.3988
18.20KB, 370x495
¨ No.4000
55.04KB, 348x480
What ever became of ole #135
¨ No.4021
64.08KB, 862x960
What a well matched plumpy pair
¨ No.4055
61.55KB, 960x640

¨ No.4074
188.30KB, 1080x856

¨ No.4092
56.84KB, 610x908

¨ No.4093

What gorgeous little DAK nubs! Perfect length for full time wheelchair use :P
¨ No.4096
64.49KB, 620x869
Thank YOU very much for your opinion.
We all come here to read IMO's on an image Board. >>4093
¨ No.4097
74.00KB, 640x640

Am I detecting a hint of sarcasm there? :P
¨ No.4118
209.00KB, 795x1005

¨ No.4133
122.48KB, 1135x750

¨ No.4145
124.91KB, 400x600

¨ No.4168
483.41KB, 1280x1674
Impressed she is still around considering her decades of circulatory disease
¨ No.4176
230.73KB, 1280x970
¨ No.4194
478.51KB, 1280x1707

¨ No.4231
68.91KB, 535x628
DHD from youtube video
¨ No.4232
70.74KB, 540x693
DHD from youtube video. Using a box to scoot.
¨ No.4241
54.23KB, 480x640
Who Is She, Please
¨ No.4253
19.82KB, 266x400
So Sweet
¨ No.4265
80.17KB, 960x640
she is just another russian amputee beauty and victim in a million $ business
¨ No.4270
90.05KB, 400x300

amputee-topmodels com / modelsite1.php?model=Kim&lang=russisch

amputee-topmodels com / modelsite1.php?model=Kim&lang=russisch&item=Fotoset#site_content

amputee-topmodels com / modelsite1.php?model=Kim&lang=russisch&item=Video#site_content

amputee-topmodels com / modelsite1.php?model=Kim&lang=russisch&item=Videoclip#site_content

ampgermanyru net / modelsite.php?model=kim&lang=deutsch
¨ No.4271
36.99KB, 540x405
More about her, please.

¨ No.4272
310.50KB, 720x960
Do you have more details?


¨ No.4280
96.37KB, 386x600
Old Days dialysis patient.
Lost her legs to kidney failure
possibly secondary to SLE. aka Lupus
Ref.: face rash
Search: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
and Butterfly Rash. Not all perfect butterflies
¨ No.4292
78.61KB, 464x600
¨ No.4300
Do you think some DAK's or DHD's wear prosthetic legs just for looks? In other words, for one reason or another they still must use a wheelchair? I have lost my two sets of pictures but in one set an Algerian girl (Yasmine Belkacem) lost both legs when a bomb she was planting went off. I had a picture of her in a wheelchair with no legs and then one with artificial legs but still in a chair ... never standing (feet may have been strapped to the chair if I remember). In another picture a girl was in a wheelchair with legs. Next picture showed only the legs in the chair with pants still on them. A third picture showed her bottom side with minimal stumps (a DHD if I remember). Does anyone have these pictures still? Are there more women out there who do this just to look more "normal"?
¨ No.4301
52.73KB, 331x487

Here y'go. The terrorist lady.
Before thoughts of terrorism, she seemed so cute.

AMPIX # 0125
¨ No.4302
Exactly! I had seen other pictures of her but actually not this one. As I said, I have never seen pictures of her standing let alone walking. I even remember pictures of her in her chair without her legs. Do you think she could walk or was the amputation so high (and the technology of artificial limbs so low back then) that she only wears them for looks?
¨ No.4303
63.42KB, 451x549

Reply with a thread worth image please.
I do not know but I believe they were just wheelchair cosmetic use. I never saw her standing on her prosthesis.
Last I heard she continued to live her life in NYC with support from a rich Algerian. She never married and aged prematurely.
¨ No.4305

She looks so much better without legs on. Legless women should stay legless! And not to pretend to have them.
¨ No.4306
Does anyone have pictures of this other woman he is talking about (in a wheelchair with legs and just the legs in the chair)? Is there other dak or dhd like this?
¨ No.4308
207.32KB, 1280x960
Please, ask with an image too or I do not reply, usually.
Olga is a very DAK and Rimma (on Youtube) is HD/High AK and does walk.
Notice how tall Olga stands.
¨ No.4315
plz post more newer pic of olga..
¨ No.4317
Little Bitch
Post something worthwhile You Fuck
¨ No.4323
26.96KB, 150x300
No new images of Olga that I know of.
Only maybe some you have not seen.
The discussion was if Jasmine was too short stumped to effectually use prosthesis and only used them as cosmetic legs in a wheelchair.
Thus Rimma HD/hi AK and Olga were invoked.
Olga stants tall. Rimma has a YouTube linked.
Are we cool now?
Please share images with comments.
¨ No.4328
55.75KB, 500x375

¨ No.4334

Goddamn I love legless women.
¨ No.4343
158.55KB, 800x800
Seen any new Timea lately?
¨ No.4348
21.98KB, 480x270
I'm more into SAKs than DAKs but admit to having a soft spot for Pam. Not drop-dead gorgeous but a long way north of ugly, she's managed to keep a trim figure despite (I believe) being a full time chair user for some time now. Plus her symmetrical stumps are perfection.
¨ No.4373
52.25KB, 800x533
I prefer a well matched pair of short rounds myself :-) Acquired of course. Not congenital.
¨ No.4376

What is it about acquired amputations that we like so much? I don't like congenital stumps much either.
¨ No.4386

It is, because our fascination is based on pain. Maybe this detection is still hidden to you, but you might detect it someday, as I did.
¨ No.4389

As fucked up as this sounds I really do enjoy seeing perfectly able people lose the ability to walk or grab things with two hands. If they're congenital then they have no frame of reference for the abilities they never had.
¨ No.4414
42.11KB, 600x450

¨ No.4433
113.61KB, 500x332

¨ No.4459
44.41KB, 450x600

¨ No.4477
129.42KB, 1280x734
Seen anything worthy lately?
¨ No.4502
58.27KB, 430x600
Where is she now?
¨ No.4506
109.28KB, 720x960

¨ No.4523
122.07KB, 800x600

¨ No.4532
27.76KB, 480x480

¨ No.4556
175.84KB, 1575x1196

¨ No.4569
88.64KB, 720x720
Imagine :-o
¨ No.4590
55.79KB, 720x616

¨ No.4597
71.99KB, 670x502

¨ No.4599
1.56MB, 444x250
Animated Gif
¨ No.4612
44.64KB, 394x539

¨ No.4618
77.38KB, 720x960
¨ No.4624
75.75KB, 575x766

¨ No.4641
83.90KB, 300x343

¨ No.4663
1.31MB, 1334x750
¨ No.4666
¨ No.4673
243.75KB, 768x1024

¨ No.4688
137.69KB, 720x960

¨ No.4708
185.07KB, 1024x768
¨ No.4735
46.53KB, 720x960
¨ No.4748
57.14KB, 540x720
¨ No.4750
126.94KB, 400x576

¨ No.4766
79.39KB, 686x821

¨ No.4775
47.60KB, 262x448
Marcelle sans wig.
¨ No.4777
124.69KB, 705x960
looks more like MH to me (pic related)

@admin: your captcha-system is a cancerous pain in the ass >:0
¨ No.4796
279.80KB, 1280x857

¨ No.4823
96.94KB, 480x655

¨ No.4849
119.08KB, 401x600

¨ No.4859
45.02KB, 552x537

¨ No.4867
56.06KB, 960x640

¨ No.4881
282.41KB, 660x330

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