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     File: 231.25KB, 680x1024
Any Material will be appreciated !!
¨ No.92
173.69KB, 270x361

¨ No.106
76.53KB, 720x720

¨ No.108
118.77KB, 1024x681

¨ No.412
99.29KB, 792x612
A few double hooked women....
Wish we still had the old board
¨ No.413
70.53KB, 792x612

¨ No.416
51.40KB, 800x615

¨ No.447
181.33KB, 954x960

¨ No.449
34.36KB, 1280x720
Watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/-Ju7G6awR4Q
¨ No.450
13.72KB, 273x403

¨ No.451
84.34KB, 558x655

¨ No.452
28.97KB, 369x468

¨ No.504
31.70KB, 433x550

¨ No.521
18.95KB, 319x536

¨ No.522
19.25KB, 289x468
One guess as to which is the real one....
¨ No.523
132.82KB, 740x800
From 1920s, I think.
¨ No.545
74.76KB, 600x800

¨ No.546
84.68KB, 600x800

¨ No.547
35.56KB, 800x450

¨ No.548
37.76KB, 800x450

¨ No.550
93.00KB, 666x666

¨ No.551
62.44KB, 500x800

¨ No.552
102.69KB, 800x800

¨ No.553
47.77KB, 800x533

¨ No.554
46.58KB, 600x800

¨ No.556
40.62KB, 799x532

¨ No.558
150.00KB, 944x960

¨ No.570
DBE friend took one look at 558 and said, "Pretender."
¨ No.572
They are wrong, this poor girl has many more photos and the length of her forearm is too short to pretend, put your arms down and look where your wrist is with your hip to that add the hooks
¨ No.584
Friend of these girl said "Real" and very lovely
¨ No.597
208.78KB, 720x1280

¨ No.598
290.50KB, 720x1280

¨ No.599
40.00KB, 336x480

¨ No.600
25.80KB, 480x360

¨ No.601
81.79KB, 612x792

¨ No.617
101.47KB, 720x960

¨ No.621
1.84MB, 1402x1466
What's her story? Any more?
¨ No.623
60.90KB, 960x720

¨ No.624
954.20KB, 717x852

¨ No.653
49.88KB, 720x405

¨ No.655
Very nice girl, photo 653
¨ No.748
912.82KB, 2857x2234

¨ No.805
97.52KB, 600x800

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