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     File: 231.25KB, 680x1024
Any Material will be appreciated !!
¨ No.92
173.69KB, 270x361

¨ No.106
76.53KB, 720x720

¨ No.108
118.77KB, 1024x681

¨ No.412
99.29KB, 792x612
A few double hooked women....
Wish we still had the old board
¨ No.413
70.53KB, 792x612

¨ No.416
51.40KB, 800x615

¨ No.447
181.33KB, 954x960

¨ No.449
34.36KB, 1280x720
Watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/-Ju7G6awR4Q
¨ No.450
13.72KB, 273x403

¨ No.451
84.34KB, 558x655

¨ No.452
28.97KB, 369x468

¨ No.504
31.70KB, 433x550

¨ No.521
18.95KB, 319x536

¨ No.522
19.25KB, 289x468
One guess as to which is the real one....
¨ No.523
132.82KB, 740x800
From 1920s, I think.
¨ No.545
74.76KB, 600x800

¨ No.546
84.68KB, 600x800

¨ No.547
35.56KB, 800x450

¨ No.548
37.76KB, 800x450

¨ No.550
93.00KB, 666x666

¨ No.551
62.44KB, 500x800

¨ No.552
102.69KB, 800x800

¨ No.553
47.77KB, 800x533

¨ No.554
46.58KB, 600x800

¨ No.556
40.62KB, 799x532

¨ No.558
150.00KB, 944x960

¨ No.570
DBE friend took one look at 558 and said, "Pretender."
¨ No.572
They are wrong, this poor girl has many more photos and the length of her forearm is too short to pretend, put your arms down and look where your wrist is with your hip to that add the hooks
¨ No.584
Friend of these girl said "Real" and very lovely
¨ No.597
208.78KB, 720x1280

¨ No.598
290.50KB, 720x1280

¨ No.599
40.00KB, 336x480

¨ No.600
25.80KB, 480x360

¨ No.601
81.79KB, 612x792

¨ No.617
101.47KB, 720x960

¨ No.621
1.84MB, 1402x1466
What's her story? Any more?
¨ No.623
60.90KB, 960x720

¨ No.624
954.20KB, 717x852

¨ No.653
49.88KB, 720x405

¨ No.655
Very nice girl, photo 653
¨ No.748
912.82KB, 2857x2234

¨ No.805
97.52KB, 600x800

¨ No.943
110.29KB, 480x360

¨ No.969
116.30KB, 800x600

¨ No.992
¨ No.1008
118.55KB, 480x360
¨ No.1032
45.38KB, 528x960

¨ No.1053
95.30KB, 360x480
¨ No.1058
¨ No.1098
81.97KB, 640x480
"Kim", an original Hook Beauty
¨ No.1128
48.00KB, 604x453

Her file name is "English Hook".
No she was not my girl friend :-)
¨ No.1147
44.48KB, 640x480

More Kim
¨ No.1191
71.27KB, 540x720
A 21st Century Hook or
not hooked enough?
¨ No.1269
66.28KB, 332x420
New "Hooks" are harder to find after decades of gotta look cosmetic over function. How do they compare to the robotic hand? No IMOs please.
Bi-manual lighting a match was a big diff between a hook and "cosmetic first" style of the '80's
¨ No.1338
54.85KB, 799x450
She cooks too.
¨ No.1339
I love this girl and her hooks, shuch a shame never i've seen some new picture
¨ No.1355
84.64KB, 600x800

How about sharing some old pictures of her?
¨ No.1360
Please! This place is all about old, stale, recycled pics, after all!
¨ No.1362
71.17KB, 299x400

It is unimaginable why you visit this site.
Here is a real "classic" for you.>>1360
¨ No.1459
Old or not wellcome to be!
¨ No.1460
22.36KB, 460x404
Seen any new hooks lately?
There are always newbies who may appreciate history
¨ No.1476
482.77KB, 1278x1920
Sonja is the newest single hook image I have.
Anyone got newer. Doubles seem more common today.
¨ No.1480
77.02KB, 640x640

¨ No.1481
Many thanks, lovely
Any one have more from No.617
¨ No.1519
290.78KB, 683x1024
please post more pix of Sonja wearing her hook.
one armed women with hook quite lovely!
¨ No.1521
OR...you could actually go to the website and buy that set for yourself! Imagine that, ya cheap bastard?
¨ No.1522
54.36KB, 405x720

¨ No.1623
42.09KB, 800x450
Today's hooks seem to be for those with no hands
¨ No.1624
117.00KB, 396x500
...For who else would an arm prosthetic be for?
¨ No.1747
75.32KB, 800x533

¨ No.1748
>>1624<< Perhaps for fake pretenders like in your picture??
¨ No.1939
204.99KB, 1080x1080

¨ No.1940
¨ No.1958

Very nice find thank you! Got going my need to amputate my arm(s?) again :)

(and transition as a woman too of course haha)
¨ No.1961
belong to the No.1938 (down)
This site have many mistakes, you put a wrong captcha and put the picture outside the thread
¨ No.2237
64.35KB, 600x455

¨ No.2239
66.29KB, 454x606

¨ No.2240
52.84KB, 453x604

¨ No.2241
39.25KB, 357x713

¨ No.2242
194.06KB, 509x841

¨ No.2243
67.04KB, 404x604

¨ No.2244
48.23KB, 480x640

¨ No.2245
24.89KB, 452x480

¨ No.2246
27.19KB, 432x543

¨ No.2248
29.92KB, 481x361

¨ No.2249
377.20KB, 533x800

¨ No.2250
281.07KB, 753x722

¨ No.2251
58.61KB, 482x720

¨ No.2252
66.28KB, 486x719

¨ No.2253
65.65KB, 487x720

¨ No.2254
52.73KB, 640x480

¨ No.2255
67.45KB, 453x604

¨ No.2256
33.90KB, 450x600

¨ No.2257
71.72KB, 720x480

¨ No.2265
80.16KB, 538x720

¨ No.2702
58.77KB, 600x800

¨ No.2726
Nice try - where's the cable?
¨ No.2750
75.54KB, 350x293

¨ No.2759
46.03KB, 540x960

Apparently real. Her cable is there but very thin. There is a series of her on tumblr>>2726
¨ No.2768
55.05KB, 540x960
¨ No.2783

what about her other arm? is that missing to or does she still have it?
¨ No.2801
She is taking selfies with her not visible hand
¨ No.2802
56.07KB, 720x578
¨ No.2836
35.33KB, 800x450

¨ No.2837
38.64KB, 462x799

¨ No.2858
106.13KB, 750x781

¨ No.2859
50.17KB, 640x640

¨ No.2860
88.00KB, 352x933

¨ No.2861
76.01KB, 540x960

¨ No.2862
82.56KB, 540x960

¨ No.2863
80.20KB, 720x960

¨ No.2864
114.68KB, 816x812

¨ No.2865
654.43KB, 600x800

¨ No.2866
77.66KB, 600x648
¨ No.2879
360.34KB, 1280x1707

¨ No.3031
67.20KB, 544x600

¨ No.3032
38.73KB, 594x480

¨ No.3033
24.97KB, 322x480

¨ No.3034
14.92KB, 317x409

¨ No.3035
85.36KB, 558x655

¨ No.3036
38.48KB, 376x447

¨ No.3132
84.38KB, 600x920

¨ No.3133
39.06KB, 620x456

¨ No.3369
71.24KB, 620x446

¨ No.3370
34.56KB, 612x340

¨ No.3371
103.00KB, 1170x722

¨ No.3583
99.08KB, 800x600

¨ No.3584
64.55KB, 756x504

¨ No.3585
154.54KB, 531x756

¨ No.3586
95.14KB, 531x799

¨ No.3587
68.08KB, 792x612

¨ No.3588
73.77KB, 779x576
¨ No.3589
91.97KB, 736x655
¨ No.3716
15.07KB, 236x295

¨ No.3717
32.06KB, 455x509
¨ No.3718
43.06KB, 442x655

¨ No.3720
41.67KB, 799x532
True love for a double hand amputee girl with hooks!!!
¨ No.3794
41.85KB, 280x350

¨ No.3795
268.00KB, 500x625

¨ No.3796
166.19KB, 1920x1080

¨ No.3831
I love the steel fingers

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