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     File: 158.39KB, 960x960

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¨ No.196
149.84KB, 630x630
Are her videos worth buying? If so, which is the best?
¨ No.212
yes! Museum the best!
¨ No.411
62.55KB, 328x900

¨ No.422
250.96KB, 736x1106
What has happened to the ES page ?
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209.85KB, 1280x853

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188.04KB, 1024x684

¨ No.491
Why this small size for the pictures 460-483 ?
¨ No.684
114.82KB, 1080x1080

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¨ No.841
0.98MB, 765x1024

¨ No.850
447.34KB, 673x1024

¨ No.865
1.33MB, 1176x648
From my "Great Leg" files.
A singular & feminine, leg
¨ No.870
802.91KB, 1000x1502

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827.07KB, 1024x658

¨ No.908
1.54MB, 1230x596

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¨ No.1011
1.02MB, 1280x1231

¨ No.1013
78.20KB, 463x757

¨ No.1059
234.94KB, 799x640
A tall one :-)
¨ No.1119
65.82KB, 390x620
Any more of her? >>1011 >>1010
(pic unrelated!)
¨ No.1120
32.94KB, 480x598
Not sure, but I think this may be her.
¨ No.1121
743.27KB, 540x720
Thank you for the unrelated image, mine is too

I uploaded the first one or two, someone else found another. Hopefully we will see more of her. Hipsters are special.
¨ No.1139
178.29KB, 439x550

¨ No.1143
124.32KB, 471x668

¨ No.1184
90.96KB, 604x455
Great Leg!

Imagine being legged by her
¨ No.1270
193.57KB, 997x659
Great for not being a hipster. ;-)
¨ No.1273
40.46KB, 559x794
Have to agree.
¨ No.1356
47.60KB, 600x399
¨ No.1391
343.70KB, 1115x702
Quelle Allure
¨ No.1392
this PIC cant be opened!
¨ No.1438
146.74KB, 758x1140
¨ No.1458
74.21KB, 645x436
One of the best SAK models, Marlene
¨ No.1463
63.11KB, 620x388

¨ No.1466
6.70KB, 236x354
>>1463 M de A, now she is what I call a good looking woman, nice find. Here's another of her.
¨ No.1475
67.01KB, 351x600
And another
¨ No.1477
1.12MB, 997x768

¨ No.1478
1.07MB, 848x768

¨ No.1621
254.37KB, 1024x750
¨ No.1622
112.93KB, 599x900
¨ No.1687
222.66KB, 871x1178
Perfection (IMHO). Easy on the eyes. Great body and remaining leg. Gorgeous little stump - rarely pictured uncovered. And, above all, a level of self confidence that allows her to parade all those charms.
¨ No.1693
221.54KB, 433x740

¨ No.1694
528.62KB, 647x863

¨ No.1695
516.11KB, 1280x960

¨ No.1771
46.30KB, 740x555

¨ No.1772
37.48KB, 740x460

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61.91KB, 453x604

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66.12KB, 800x600

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264.56KB, 768x1024

¨ No.1996
46.83KB, 509x512

¨ No.2054
1.87MB, 1163x768

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109.22KB, 720x960

¨ No.2069
92.25KB, 640x960

¨ No.2099
308.22KB, 714x768

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221.26KB, 353x800

¨ No.2114
358.60KB, 1280x1883

¨ No.2115
716.76KB, 1775x1232

¨ No.2116
196.33KB, 1035x671

¨ No.2119
1.36MB, 1136x1670

¨ No.2120
1.70MB, 1280x1923

¨ No.2121
1.68MB, 1280x1923

¨ No.2123
26.00KB, 481x700
Good to see some some one leggers being posted for a change. Was beginning to wonder whether there were any other SAK devs on here. Here's a new one (to me), trying to earn herself a better pros. Very pleasing to the eye, good luck to her.
¨ No.2129
130.36KB, 400x300
2099 is the most beautiful REAL amputee on the planet !!
¨ No.2130
702.61KB, 611x594

¨ No.2133
1.27MB, 1312x722

¨ No.2135
28.36KB, 300x400
>>2129 Don't know that I'd go that far, but she's definitely a contender - being a LAK willing to flash stump goes a long way with me. Personally I'd like to know who this Aba beauty is.
¨ No.2144
506.79KB, 1280x1707

¨ No.2159
140.00KB, 800x800

¨ No.2216
240.09KB, 794x1123
Are there any more images of this gorgeous young lady ?
¨ No.2226
50.19KB, 604x389

¨ No.2525
87.99KB, 340x604

¨ No.2526
124.26KB, 922x1024

¨ No.2527
134.38KB, 852x1024

¨ No.2528
46.93KB, 575x766

¨ No.2529
109.05KB, 575x766

¨ No.2550
641.85KB, 451x750

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322.86KB, 1057x1644

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46.70KB, 389x518

¨ No.2553
1.14MB, 754x1297

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75.30KB, 600x638

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58.54KB, 898x600

¨ No.2556
36.80KB, 346x520

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232.88KB, 768x1024

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209.37KB, 768x1024

¨ No.2578
103.30KB, 960x720

¨ No.2579
335.01KB, 911x800

¨ No.2580
836.73KB, 1888x2604

¨ No.2581
169.62KB, 768x1024

¨ No.2582
241.96KB, 768x1024

¨ No.2583
110.22KB, 541x811

¨ No.2584
1.02MB, 2126x840

¨ No.2586
309.91KB, 640x853

¨ No.2590
109.66KB, 669x1024

¨ No.2591
451.73KB, 1024x768

¨ No.2592
267.48KB, 1024x768

¨ No.2593
196.25KB, 427x640

¨ No.2594
77.12KB, 571x800

¨ No.2595
41.34KB, 540x405

¨ No.2613
37.42KB, 533x800

¨ No.2649
74.89KB, 540x514

¨ No.2654
276.95KB, 538x810

¨ No.2670
237.71KB, 960x642
¨ No.2677
268.05KB, 750x1000

¨ No.2696
150.63KB, 960x720
Great Leg
¨ No.2710
83.24KB, 575x431
Please, Real or ES?
¨ No.2714
Real, one of Jasmine's (Amp Germany)gals.
¨ No.2748
45.01KB, 600x412

¨ No.2767
298.75KB, 684x856

¨ No.2788
42.78KB, 261x420

¨ No.2800
60.68KB, 306x480
¨ No.2814
181.85KB, 502x767

¨ No.2881
494.07KB, 1000x666

¨ No.2882
460.09KB, 532x800

¨ No.2884
280.86KB, 1000x618

¨ No.2885
167.56KB, 845x475

¨ No.2887
239.32KB, 846x1148
Is this lady Danielle of the long ago time.
Danielle, a model with CD got married, had a child and requested if seen in public, ignore her because of her child. Some devs got upset with her request.
¨ No.2888
220.14KB, 1169x812

Is this Danielle?
After her retirement. Many, many years ago.
Please do not snark if I am way off.
Often I don't recognize people well.
Image with opinions always welcome ;-)
¨ No.2897
85.32KB, 800x592
Yup, that's her. As you say, dropped out of the scene when she married several years ago. Are you thinking these are new pics of her? Must admit I've not seen them before.
¨ No.2901
Gee, you're not, like, obsessed or anything, are you? They're friggin pictures and she IS married and just a blast from the past...get over it!
¨ No.2906
63.77KB, 422x750
>>2901 What's with the attitude? The guy asked a question, I answered it together with (unlike you), a photo. As to your comment - everything on here is just pictures, is every woman featured unattached? I think not.
¨ No.2907
412.97KB, 701x768

I do not know if they are recent.
Maybe some that got out. After her modeling.
I wonder if she still has her narrow waist.
Thank you (psst, best not to feed the trolls)
¨ No.2908
33.09KB, 336x488
A good looking woman and the camera loved her too.
I had one "new", can't locate now, of her in a group of women who could have been her PTA sisters. With a crutch. Nothing special and her face had not changed. The ones I shared were from tumblr
¨ No.2927
60.08KB, 604x453
Great Leg
¨ No.2948
308.62KB, 533x400

¨ No.3096
41.55KB, 480x640
Rammed by a drunk and drugged up driver.
¨ No.3097
33.08KB, 403x717
Before the accident. Nice looking lass.
¨ No.3100

I love it when a chick loses the ability to walk!
¨ No.3127
Even for this board, that is the crassest of statements.
¨ No.3129

Why? Don't we all visit this site to see amputee women? One component of my attraction towards amputations is the disability itself. Seeing a hottie go from two legs to one or none is so goddamn fucking hot, knowing they can never walk again. Or a girl losing an arm or two, not being able to do certain things.
¨ No.3148
157.85KB, 720x960

¨ No.3149
188.99KB, 640x960
Is there more of this cutie or is this es.
¨ No.3150
No.3149 is definitely ES
¨ No.3151
489.85KB, 1536x2048

¨ No.3152
191.38KB, 1080x1167

¨ No.3153
158.58KB, 1080x1195

¨ No.3154
75.71KB, 720x720

¨ No.3155
680.24KB, 2048x1536
I also love it when a cute woman loses the ability to ever walk again. A permanent life change for the better. Their bodies will never be able to wear two shoes again.
¨ No.3169
your being selfish

and no, if they turn out to be a full time prosthetisis wearer, they'd be wearing two shoes
¨ No.3173

I said their bodies can't handle two shoes ever again, not their body plus their prosthetic. And your grammar is horrific; it's "you're" and not "your."
¨ No.3187
149.30KB, 1230x596

¨ No.3259
145.48KB, 479x640

¨ No.3280
112.54KB, 1240x980

¨ No.3284

Is this real or ES? If real then that's so fucking hot.
¨ No.3295
ES. There's no such publication and, at a guess, I'd say the blondes left foot is resting on the low wall,whilst the brunettes is higher, probably against the railings.
¨ No.3300
24.85KB, 500x323

¨ No.3366
63.67KB, 800x534

¨ No.3385
60.97KB, 800x701

¨ No.3402
46.34KB, 552x831

¨ No.3406
1.77MB, 1698x1765
¨ No.3432
110.43KB, 600x800
An oldie but still one of my fav SAK ladies.
She is so beautiful.
So well proportioned.
I believe she is Dutch
¨ No.3444

She´s not Dutch, she´s from Poland but lives in Germany since many years.
¨ No.3471
139.39KB, 600x800
¨ No.3502
119.18KB, 664x1000
New find. A hipster?
Any info?
Accurate or not :-D
¨ No.3533
86.65KB, 720x960
¨ No.3534
1.78MB, 1366x768

¨ No.3623
447.48KB, 2592x3872

¨ No.3624
191.69KB, 681x1024

¨ No.3628
130.46KB, 1080x1080

¨ No.3666
601.70KB, 745x1249
Eve. Hope she is happy.
¨ No.3672
235.14KB, 1080x1080
¨ No.3778
41.10KB, 457x800
Great Leg
¨ No.3782
75.89KB, 567x850
CB is one of my absolute favourites.
Does anyone have some more recent oics of her?
¨ No.3783
Wow is that real or ES?
¨ No.3786
41.82KB, 576x576
She is real (here is another pic), thats the reason I'm asking the community for more recent photos from her.
¨ No.3791
38.82KB, 376x499

Regret CB doesn't translate for me. Dare you share a file name?

Otherwise a mirror of Brooke, ? ? I am not good at recognizing so don't diss me, please
¨ No.3804
401.46KB, 1280x1707

¨ No.3810
138.83KB, 1000x1334
One legged Lara Croft
¨ No.3871
50.62KB, 685x960
Great Leg
¨ No.3872
30.27KB, 409x587
Great Leg
¨ No.3874
>>3871 Is almost certainly ES. Unless they're trying to sell images, one leggers don't go tottering around malls in micro shorts and a high heal.

>3872 is suspect too.
¨ No.3875
I agree on 3871. Those crutches look like a bad photoshop job.
¨ No.3876
69.62KB, 540x527
How about editorial authors upload images too?
It's about images, not IMO's
We be trolled methinks
¨ No.3885

IMO, it's much more fun to fuck with kids like you who are all about the pics.
¨ No.3887
And you're on here just for the comments? Fucking moron...
¨ No.3889

Fun. Untroll swallowed troll's bait.
¨ No.4048
749.60KB, 1255x794

¨ No.4059
53.39KB, 500x658
¨ No.4078
59.72KB, 566x491
Pointy stump lady does not seem to be a hipster.
Why the pointy stump?
¨ No.4084
She _is_ actually a hip disarticulatioin amputee. The reason for the pointy stump? Trad HD surgery removes all the leg bone, leaving the amputee with the problem of discomfort when sitting (amp tends to roll over onto amputated side as it has no bone structure to help upright sitting). The so-called Modified HD Procedure, practiced for 25-30 years now, leaves the amputee with a small bone spur. That helps them sit a tad more comfortable. It also helps prosthetic fitting as they have a mobile stub, however tiny, as distinct from not having one at all and having to make do with a mass of muscle alone. Because of the anatomy of the hip joint, the stub is like a miniature stumplet that points sideways: your "pointy stump". Hope that explains it. Another ampgermanyru model also has a mobile "pointy stump", this time a left one.
¨ No.4115
605.81KB, 683x1024
¨ No.4127
20.10KB, 332x480
¨ No.4255
46.48KB, 480x487
SAK girls having fun :-o
¨ No.4293
25.32KB, 500x667
Early Eve.
¨ No.4296
65.54KB, 640x640
¨ No.4434
150.80KB, 640x443
OMG is this a new one of Danielle?

Her child must be a young adult now.
Guess about 20
¨ No.4440
New as in current, I doubt it - unless she's discovered the secret of eternal youth. She must have had so many pics taken of her over the years that "New" finds will surface for some time to come I suspect.
¨ No.4455
137.44KB, 1024x682

¨ No.4456
60.56KB, 1024x682

¨ No.4457
137.73KB, 1024x682

¨ No.4461
1.48MB, 1029x768

¨ No.4501
76.14KB, 998x500
One for the "sisters"
¨ No.4503
¨ No.4504
¨ No.4508
61.29KB, 960x640
Hannah A.
¨ No.4524
135.28KB, 481x800

¨ No.4553
26.86KB, 343x480
Old fav.
¨ No.4567
34.93KB, 540x465
With so many uploading their short stories and crappy images, "why bother" sharing good ones?
I may be feeding the trolls but, . . .
¨ No.4588
84.42KB, 1080x1349
>>4567 Stick with it friend, I suspect you and I are two of (literally) a handful of contributors here with the other few focused on everything other than leg amps. This board has always attracted more than its fair share of idiots, unfortunately they're a fact of life. I for one am always on the lookout for new SAK images.
¨ No.4591
45.15KB, 540x710
I do more the SAE, Asian and DAK Threads.
Will try some SAK more regularly too
Here is one from my Great Leg files
¨ No.4598
209.56KB, 960x1280
¨ No.4613
397.05KB, 1396x785
¨ No.4617
69.51KB, 529x800

¨ No.4620
70.44KB, 720x960
¨ No.4630
47.83KB, 284x420
ole H0039 ;-)
¨ No.4631
191.54KB, 614x1024

¨ No.4632
171.84KB, 614x1024
Winter is here
¨ No.4633
160.04KB, 875x1280

¨ No.4634
73.35KB, 540x960

¨ No.4674
320.73KB, 884x498
¨ No.4689
310.31KB, 1144x643
¨ No.4854
120.45KB, 1080x1080
Just saving the main SAK thread
¨ No.4865
112.37KB, 480x514

¨ No.4871
96.74KB, 549x419

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