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     File: 58.97KB, 800x600
Post your favorite pictures of residual limbs / Stumps HERE!!!
¨ No.779
39.00KB, 800x678

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248.38KB, 450x600

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141.71KB, 746x546

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65.59KB, 799x444

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¨ No.1142
8.85KB, 160x120
It's time someone tried to get this thread going.
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223.88KB, 1924x1280

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127.52KB, 540x720

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13.72KB, 294x269

¨ No.1152
64.63KB, 362x295

¨ No.1194
108.68KB, 800x600
One of three similar shots of the same woman that have been around for some time. I've never been able to decide whether they're real or ES but have to say (in this instance), who cares?!
¨ No.1202
They are real. "Lady Connny". Never shows her face
¨ No.1204
72.23KB, 689x561

¨ No.1205
68.75KB, 640x640

¨ No.1206
149.76KB, 960x541

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49.51KB, 707x401

¨ No.1209
136.30KB, 1024x733

¨ No.1210
113.50KB, 1280x852

¨ No.1308
15.82KB, 247x305

¨ No.1368
127.30KB, 997x611

¨ No.1369
201.47KB, 1280x868

¨ No.1370
75.06KB, 615x615

¨ No.1371
77.08KB, 691x749

¨ No.1373
198.53KB, 690x1024

¨ No.1374
540.75KB, 462x813

¨ No.1375
87.08KB, 720x960

¨ No.1403
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¨ No.1439
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¨ No.1440
80.96KB, 736x520

¨ No.1441
43.18KB, 600x600

¨ No.1442
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95.96KB, 972x1296

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139.93KB, 1000x628

¨ No.2202
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¨ No.2205
261.59KB, 1000x750

¨ No.2206
188.42KB, 1000x750

¨ No.2207
218.56KB, 1000x1002

¨ No.2270
78.83KB, 575x575

¨ No.2271
62.74KB, 575x575

¨ No.2272
78.59KB, 575x575

¨ No.2289
48.50KB, 617x959

¨ No.2355
175.80KB, 577x960

¨ No.2356
191.39KB, 720x960

¨ No.2357
136.92KB, 1024x768

¨ No.2358
71.79KB, 800x600

¨ No.2360
217.80KB, 871x850

¨ No.2361
69.60KB, 736x552

¨ No.2362
554.60KB, 431x768

¨ No.2370
303.38KB, 1920x1440

¨ No.2399
70.59KB, 621x665

¨ No.2402
233.58KB, 773x1024

¨ No.2417
44.24KB, 800x449

¨ No.2418
51.88KB, 800x596

¨ No.2419
57.85KB, 604x453

¨ No.2420
90.94KB, 800x600

¨ No.2421
83.76KB, 799x473

¨ No.2422
13.87KB, 296x395

¨ No.2503
113.34KB, 1024x675

¨ No.2505
128.89KB, 976x630

¨ No.2516
161.76KB, 1072x631

¨ No.2517
79.07KB, 1280x777

¨ No.2518
0.98MB, 1280x811

¨ No.2621
48.86KB, 297x420
H5442-2. AMPIX number. How old are we now ;-)
¨ No.2639
45.00KB, 388x576

¨ No.2640
40.00KB, 392x584

¨ No.2641
36.77KB, 720x960

¨ No.2646
41.43KB, 800x600

¨ No.2655
203.94KB, 1024x768
Stumpies, hands on. ;-)
¨ No.2683
27.35KB, 481x447

¨ No.2691
28.23KB, 575x419
An Asian one. See how it's slanty :-D
¨ No.2706
41.37KB, 540x405
Do hipsters have stumps?
¨ No.2734
102.08KB, 418x497

¨ No.2775
32.20KB, 640x480

¨ No.2942
31.37KB, 223x328

¨ No.2947
80.17KB, 686x1024

¨ No.2984
18.72KB, 360x360

¨ No.3351
192.89KB, 912x1140

¨ No.3353
169.49KB, 1280x711

¨ No.3354
0.97MB, 1024x568

¨ No.3357
641.77KB, 1147x652

¨ No.3401
134.35KB, 805x1024

¨ No.3417
55.33KB, 768x966

¨ No.3478
44.90KB, 931x728

¨ No.3675
50.87KB, 600x337

¨ No.3676
429.81KB, 1280x1707

¨ No.3896
130.76KB, 814x550

¨ No.4099
89.40KB, 831x537

¨ No.4100
88.32KB, 878x534

¨ No.4297
1.33MB, 1366x749

¨ No.4299
1.36MB, 1338x736

¨ No.4511
446.67KB, 916x1086

¨ No.4512
400.70KB, 1139x801

¨ No.4513
271.73KB, 997x458

¨ No.4853
159.82KB, 1082x661
Another thread worth saving.

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