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     File: 135.06KB, 900x600
I thought this site needed a thread dedicated to Asian amputees.
¨ No.603
115.91KB, 541x700

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100.49KB, 532x800

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45.62KB, 308x509

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179.33KB, 576x768

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213.17KB, 576x768

¨ No.848
819.84KB, 595x842

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70.71KB, 540x304

¨ No.867
55.99KB, 670x502

¨ No.877
65.13KB, 480x722
If You Love Darcy
Like I Love Darcy
Be Happy, lots of new stuff on the web
seemingly released by her husband
¨ No.878
255.93KB, 729x1096

Be careful. She may be armed and dangerous.
See the holster on her hip.
¨ No.879
107.56KB, 638x960
And she cooks too.
¨ No.915
214.14KB, 960x638

¨ No.932
191.08KB, 960x874
Chinese DAK Walking Stools. On YouTube is a clip demonstrating what a regular gait can be maintained.
¨ No.936
334.50KB, 1280x853

¨ No.951
57.80KB, 564x564

¨ No.966
18.73KB, 300x225

¨ No.1002
85.00KB, 375x500
Luv those DAK walking stools.
YouTube has several videos. "DAK Stools"
¨ No.1022
124.26KB, 350x500
And her one knee is bleeding. :-(
¨ No.1039
42.13KB, 768x1003

¨ No.1055
200.68KB, 640x799

¨ No.1065
She's my girlfriend! Seriously. I took the picture.
¨ No.1066
>>1065 On interest, where is that photo taken?
¨ No.1072
¨ No.1076
¨ No.1090
¨ No.1095
104.42KB, 640x640
Here's another of my SSD girlfriend.
I took it with her friend ;-)
¨ No.1102
28.55KB, 335x440
>>1095 ok, what is her story? Being your girlfriend, you should know.
¨ No.1104
I don't have a dog in this fight but 1095 and 1102 sure don't look like the same gal to me โ€” different face shapes.
¨ No.1110
It's true that anonymity makes it so convenient for people to be assholes. I didn't take that picture and I didn't post it either. I haven't met any of her amputee friends. But there is no 'me' in here anyway, so it's pointless to say. Her story is she got cancer in high school. Over and out.
¨ No.1116
46.48KB, 335x500

Another girl friend, if you want an answer to "what's her story", try asking with a picture of an amputee woman appropriate to the thread.
China is a great place to meet 'em
¨ No.1118
girlfriend?? Oh, that's rich! you just went on the Cresent Beauty website like the rest of the losers...lyin' sack o' S$$t!
¨ No.1129
119.95KB, 720x960
Beautiful and joyful.

And not my girlfriend. ;-)
¨ No.1133
¨ No.1146
40.74KB, 400x425
Love those walking stools
¨ No.1185
213.33KB, 729x1096
Sweet OOE Darcy
¨ No.1228
13.54KB, 299x400

¨ No.1264
220.67KB, 729x1097
Amazing Darcy
¨ No.1292
42.99KB, 640x427
Beautiful, long one legged lady. Hope we see more of her :-)
¨ No.1319
196.21KB, 766x1024
She is beautiful.
Sorry she disappeared.
¨ No.1367
165.37KB, 604x404
Asian hipster
¨ No.1395
85.07KB, 672x960
Hot off the Asian express :-)
I wasn't sure she was Asian
until this image.
¨ No.1410
49.12KB, 672x960
¨ No.1417
18.46KB, 449x600

¨ No.1418
27.90KB, 449x600

¨ No.1419
46.07KB, 449x600

¨ No.1430
52.86KB, 480x640

¨ No.1433
102.10KB, 736x1144
New to me.
Now for dueling Li Xuemei
< Chinese banjo & guitar playing>
¨ No.1451
15.89KB, 370x278

¨ No.1462
154.91KB, 720x720

¨ No.1479
91.44KB, 532x800
Asian Amp ladies showing off.
¨ No.1495
311.68KB, 729x1096
The lovely Darcy and her gun.
¨ No.1498
272.39KB, 959x1183

¨ No.1499
219.53KB, 959x1190

¨ No.1514
34.75KB, 456x480
Pretty and joyful lady
¨ No.1533
77.73KB, 652x960
Hop To Me Babe
¨ No.1537
32.20KB, 600x632

¨ No.1538
111.81KB, 500x667

¨ No.1541
38.97KB, 604x421

¨ No.1542
35.59KB, 450x600

¨ No.1543
55.17KB, 802x600

¨ No.1544
120.89KB, 400x540

¨ No.1545
42.11KB, 639x800

¨ No.1546
39.77KB, 420x600

¨ No.1547
54.18KB, 470x600

¨ No.1548
93.78KB, 314x420

¨ No.1550
35.79KB, 497x600

¨ No.1551
57.85KB, 378x575

¨ No.1552
44.54KB, 239x412

¨ No.1553
46.27KB, 420x568

¨ No.1555
22.73KB, 288x418

¨ No.1556
42.95KB, 342x546

¨ No.1558
39.80KB, 439x600

¨ No.1559
30.77KB, 450x600

¨ No.1560
80.17KB, 526x600

¨ No.1561
30.39KB, 730x600

¨ No.1562
15.72KB, 450x600

¨ No.1563
22.68KB, 369x600

¨ No.1564
37.25KB, 426x600

¨ No.1565
28.53KB, 337x600

¨ No.1566
53.01KB, 455x600

¨ No.1567
39.80KB, 405x600

¨ No.1568
22.11KB, 424x600

¨ No.1569
20.65KB, 402x600

¨ No.1570
14.98KB, 338x600

¨ No.1571
34.21KB, 575x600

¨ No.1572
72.92KB, 500x753

Thank You for all those images.
Sadly, many are ES. Thanks just the same.
>>1547 etc. etc.
¨ No.1591
76.26KB, 804x676
I thought these peoples were anti disabled because the disabled represented such bad luck.
Really. Culture change?
¨ No.1613
202.00KB, 800x531

¨ No.1614
148.91KB, 720x1212
oops wrong forum
¨ No.1616
80.19KB, 541x720
¨ No.1617
68.25KB, 523x720

¨ No.1641
69.38KB, 960x800
Li Xuemei. She left us too soon. What a doll.
¨ No.1653
163.68KB, 928x1280
So lovely
¨ No.1668
72.97KB, 460x630
Stump make up that isn't imitating trauma
¨ No.1682
119.29KB, 800x600
Hard working SSD lady.
¨ No.1702
72.72KB, 639x960

¨ No.1716
80.15KB, 800x600
¨ No.1734
428.08KB, 2048x1536
Help making this Board great again
¨ No.1735
This board has never, nor could ever be great.
Whoever is running this POS thinks he is safe running his server out of the Bahamas. NOT!
¨ No.1736
202.16KB, 833x1140

Why do you chose to make it worse?
Go away or play nice.
But, Please don't troll
Help Make This Board Great or just go away in peace. Cool? Or must you make a storm for ego sake.
¨ No.1738
The Little Liberal Snowflake has spoken. Will I listen..............? NO
¨ No.1740
71.12KB, 489x349
¨ No.1741
35.43KB, 300x430
AMPIX 1147
The original Asian Amputee lady.
¨ No.1754
85.58KB, 960x766
Bring on the Asian babes
¨ No.1761
56.80KB, 799x533
¨ No.1773
63.81KB, 360x640
She's tall too
¨ No.1791
831.41KB, 1000x1500

¨ No.1792
364.60KB, 795x1140

¨ No.1807
819.99KB, 2300x3462
What a waste of a beautiful model with outstandingly bad posing & composition.
¨ No.1808
909.89KB, 2848x4288
¨ No.1835
165.55KB, 960x720
Always nice to see an Amp lady working!
¨ No.1841
64.32KB, 799x533
¨ No.1862
114.42KB, 540x742

¨ No.1876
80.73KB, 800x600

She cleans up after too! What a bargain.
¨ No.1884
19.14KB, 300x395
What a leg!
¨ No.1887
81.53KB, 799x533
¨ No.1912
227.84KB, 638x960
New Darcy, to me
¨ No.1928
559.11KB, 1144x856
Ain't She Sweet
¨ No.1929
20 years ago, maybe she was...probably retired by now. I have an idea for a new name for this board. Recycled old tired amps.
¨ No.1934
0.98MB, 2800x2978

For 1929 because he uploads all the new, good stuff! ;-)
I just can't figure out why his images don't appear. :-D
Betchya he uploads another IMO with no image.
Trolls will be trolls. Witness.
¨ No.1935
73.54KB, 650x325
Enjoy! A lovely, tall, thin SAK Asian lady
¨ No.1955
31.60KB, 640x480

¨ No.1956
942.16KB, 823x657
for 1934.
Dude, you suck! What good is uploading old shit? It just wastes space and proves that either you are too stupid to find new stuff, or you have new stuff but post old stuff to try to bait the other guy into posting his while you save...yours. Yeah, you pretty much suck!
¨ No.1960
And you are just a little shrimp dick cum breath cocksucker who could use a good ass beating. I bet your little sister can beat the shit out of you.
No picture for you dickweed.
¨ No.1965
My, my! All that hostility, just because I think you suck and posted a piccy you probably don't have?
Go tell your Momma it's time for her to change your diapers, little man...
¨ No.1968
71.02KB, 677x961
Let's share images. And whatever one does not like, they can go to the next image.
Meanwhile, here is "the classic Asian amputee" from AMPIX days - she goes by 1147 ;-)
¨ No.1971
Correction. Let's share "newer" images. Preferably ones that haven't been recycled 386 times and are 20+ years old!
I posted mine, where's yours?
¨ No.1973
173.81KB, 960x720
How about referencing some with the >> system?
I read talk, y'know what walks ;-)

Single handed sweat shop work for you?
¨ No.1974
536.80KB, 635x874
Nope. Still looks old and pedestrian. Here ya go bullshitter...but that's it.
¨ No.1975
And no, it's not friggin ES...got at least 50 more of her.
¨ No.1976
193.85KB, 960x720
Well yours hardly looks Asian. Meanwhile I yield that your collection is far superior to mine.
I come here to have a good time and not get into the vitriol - Best Wishes
¨ No.1983
165.31KB, 720x960

¨ No.1984
Ah, so it wasn't you calling me all the dirty names then? Sure, pal...have a good one
¨ No.1986
65.45KB, 768x1788

¨ No.2011
24.93KB, 500x332
Stool walking. Cart.
And hard working too
¨ No.2025
155.36KB, 815x541

¨ No.2041
42.09KB, 492x502

¨ No.2055
87.37KB, 960x720

¨ No.2070
104.68KB, 540x720

¨ No.2079
211.90KB, 729x1096
Another Darcy.
I hope "Doc" uploads more someday
¨ No.2106
58.43KB, 483x810

¨ No.2111
75.25KB, 298x655

¨ No.2112
161.15KB, 598x678

¨ No.2141
98.02KB, 576x960

¨ No.2146
80.10KB, 1200x630
Appears to be a powered wheelchair with the throttle like a motorcycle. One of a kind?
¨ No.2158
560.40KB, 1772x1329
Pregnant with creative beauty
¨ No.2168
47.42KB, 281x500

¨ No.2171
82.99KB, 1024x1024
Who would think that a rice cooker could be sexy?
¨ No.2184
67.20KB, 360x480

¨ No.2214
55.47KB, 483x810
¨ No.2225
779.47KB, 600x800
In Asia you can buy one. :-D
¨ No.2235
¨ No.2264
48.19KB, 466x700

¨ No.2280
709.39KB, 4200x2800
Li Xuemei disappeared. Possibly held captive at an Apple slave labor factory in China
¨ No.2281
221.37KB, 682x1024

apologies for rotated image.
Don't know how that happened.
¨ No.2290
Does anyone know how I can find the Kwai username of the original video posters? I want to follow these two, but I can't find their profiles.
Many thanks
¨ No.2303
34.00KB, 395x667

¨ No.2309
115.65KB, 1103x825

¨ No.2320
77.38KB, 540x719

¨ No.2334
43.15KB, 529x800

¨ No.2348
119.85KB, 575x766

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