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     File: 57.23KB, 618x410
Incompetent quacks let her condition get worse until they couldn't save her arm, legs or fingers.
¨ No.5505
69.84KB, 931x524
For any of you in the UK. She is single and a knockout!
¨ No.5506
50.80KB, 792x446
Who will be the lucky person who gets to see her smile again.
¨ No.5508
oh yapp, i would love to! she looks cute! =)
¨ No.5509

1. Study medicine.
2. Do better.


¨ No.5533
46.09KB, 534x723
I don't need a MD to do better than the quack who did this to her and the one who scoped Lindsay Ess, who lost both arms and both legs. DO the world a favor and STFU yourself or at least post a pix with your insult.
¨ No.5541

I understand you probably have shit in your ears from having your head up your ass so deep and so long, but let me try anyway...

These doctors have SAVED these ladies' lives. If not for medical intervention, they would have DIED. Do you understand this? Do you also understand how difficult a diagnosis is when you're overworked, and all the symptoms look similar or the same. I'm going to assume you don't, or you wouldn't have posted such ignorant drivel.

I would strongly advise you to avoid all potential "quacks" next time you're sick. Maybe we'll all get lucky and it's the big one.
¨ No.5550

Why shouldn't we praise this doctor? She looks so much better with metal feet, a sick bionic hand, and a fingerless meat "hand"
¨ No.5594

¨ No.5601
Yeah...amazing how mentally ill some devs are, isn't it?
¨ No.5604

Well she does look much better with fake feet and fake hand. If she had her real limbs no one on here would think twice about her.
¨ No.5624
just saving this thread...
¨ No.5747

Why are people posting non-disabled pictures? What assholes!~
¨ No.5780

Looks like a response to idiots posting non-amputees. What assholes!
¨ No.5791
64.47KB, 399x600
Spoken like two assholes not posting any pictures. Pix unrelated, shitheads.

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