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     File: 211.91KB, 500x667

¨ No.533
44.68KB, 414x597

¨ No.582
79.07KB, 640x640

¨ No.583
all ES shit
¨ No.585
not number 2...real.
¨ No.588
43.92KB, 612x612
I suspect the 3rd one is real as well - looks like a LAE you tuber that's on my giant list of girls to download photos of. The 1st of 3 photos is ES though.

- Cuddles
¨ No.589
88.36KB, 612x612

¨ No.590
102.47KB, 612x612

¨ No.591
62.07KB, 612x612

¨ No.596
Nice catch! Yep, that's her alright...
¨ No.800
97.74KB, 500x500

¨ No.801
78.20KB, 640x640

¨ No.802
19.38KB, 170x170

¨ No.807
187.98KB, 1280x850
Cuban Paralympic
¨ No.812
96.98KB, 600x900

¨ No.826
93.06KB, 612x612

¨ No.839
245.39KB, 797x1057
¨ No.851
126.41KB, 477x750

¨ No.862
341.65KB, 1280x960

¨ No.866
42.39KB, 334x338
If y'gonna have one arm,
do it in a developed country.
¨ No.880
74.08KB, 960x720

¨ No.881
54.06KB, 960x960

¨ No.882
104.82KB, 960x640

¨ No.884
45.67KB, 664x960

¨ No.885
64.71KB, 540x960

¨ No.886
56.54KB, 960x960

¨ No.887
40.26KB, 580x581

¨ No.888
67.01KB, 540x960

¨ No.889
47.84KB, 960x540

¨ No.890
ex gf from santa catarina br, tryies to be bodybuilder with only one arm (how it is possible hahahaha) and is very ashamed about her disability
¨ No.891
227.65KB, 1000x1000
Witness a truly "mighty arm"
Think of the hook as a sex toy.
If she sneezes against the harness system, it could be quite painful - but fast.
¨ No.907
HAHA!!! How cleaver, Danfan! You're a friggin' whackjob, you know?
I hope all those amps are showing the proper gratitude for you getting off on them?
¨ No.909
92.20KB, 633x682

Another upload by a frustrated dickless ( )0( )
Yo, dickless, try upload some image
¨ No.910
73.18KB, 960x540
Another one, taken.
Who does the dishes?
¨ No.925
51.67KB, 498x540
¨ No.937
37.93KB, 564x565

¨ No.952
87.72KB, 409x750

¨ No.970
162.74KB, 768x975
Hot! Hot! Hot!
¨ No.981
50.08KB, 720x960

¨ No.982
75.56KB, 960x720

¨ No.990
38.77KB, 670x960

¨ No.994
69.98KB, 640x640
some sweet boobs
¨ No.995
68.87KB, 1024x576

¨ No.1014
20.67KB, 350x263

SSD & banana
¨ No.1027
61.01KB, 510x788
Auto shoulder harness with no lap belt. The SUV rolled and her arm was torn off at the shoulder
¨ No.1033
Yeah, about 20 years ago, dude! Got any new stuff? Obviously not...
¨ No.1038
Funny, last time i saw Brittney Spears she had two arms...
¨ No.1040
¨ No.1041
10.10KB, 166x404
Got better, share.
Don't like, don't look.
¨ No.1048
678.78KB, 658x901
Like it? That's the only one I'll share in this cesspool!
¨ No.1049
41.81KB, 341x480

ES !
Best don't share :-D

And here's some ES backatchya.
Now let's keep it real, shall "we"?
¨ No.1050
49.38KB, 800x800

¨ No.1051
1.05MB, 697x780
It's not ES you stupid shit! You just assume it is because you haven't seen her, probably because you're too stupid to know where to look!
¨ No.1052
But since you don't want me to share, I won't...asshat!
¨ No.1094
32.39KB, 336x478

¨ No.1117
146.26KB, 600x451

¨ No.1123
280.74KB, 562x692

Her file name is JayneA
And she was never my girl friend :-D
¨ No.1141
53.85KB, 532x727

¨ No.1171
70.99KB, 800x600
¨ No.1200
24.75KB, 312x449

¨ No.1253
530.92KB, 684x1140
Preferred length
¨ No.1291
105.14KB, 640x640

¨ No.1314
51.74KB, 600x597

¨ No.1341
115.55KB, 540x797
Is she a XX female?
Her thin thighs & angular face
leave me wondering.

If you must reply,
how about an arm lady image.
Too many IMO's kill an image Board
¨ No.1352
Do you see any sign of an adam's apple? Don't be ridiculous!
¨ No.1353
94.61KB, 540x794
IMO's no images, just opinions :-o
¨ No.1357
14.72KB, 315x420
¨ No.1359
Let me get this straight? You want an answer to the question, but apparently what you REALLY want are more pics! Even if I include a pic, it's still just IMO, so what's your point?
¨ No.1361
91.08KB, 540x405

Thank you for the link.
She is nearly 6 feet tall.
Here is a good few of her lack of an
Adam's Apple.
¨ No.1380
171.98KB, 511x900
>>1353 have ye got any pix of her wearing the hook? one armed woman with hook super sexy!
here nude woman with hook!
¨ No.1396
83.71KB, 564x846

¨ No.1432
92.22KB, 640x640
Ms. K.E.
¨ No.1449
99.99KB, 424x514

¨ No.1465
210.92KB, 1240x1080

¨ No.1485
96.74KB, 358x529

¨ No.1508
195.65KB, 960x960
An SAE lady usually seems to cross the leg below her stump over the other leg. What a great pose
¨ No.1513
who is this cam girl?
¨ No.1525
14.46KB, 400x327
Preparing my meal. I wish.
¨ No.1535
98.25KB, 558x282

¨ No.1573
204.18KB, 516x750
Old Time SSD. Well there are always newbies :-)
¨ No.1590
41.68KB, 453x604
Anyone seen some new Donia lately? Last I heard she lived in LA with a couple of small dogs.
¨ No.1593
and she's dating an old geiser twice or thrice her age
¨ No.1612
98.16KB, 833x742

¨ No.1642
786.00KB, 240x246
Donia with some wiggle if it opens properly.
¨ No.1654
28.70KB, 454x384
Stunt Gone Wrong stunt woman.
Her left cheek bone is an implant patterned and mirrored from her right.
¨ No.1667
320.55KB, 1000x1601
Arm Plus :-)
¨ No.1681
113.98KB, 612x612

¨ No.1689
97.83KB, 612x612
¨ No.1701
74.92KB, 608x760

¨ No.1708
75.28KB, 824x800

¨ No.1731
67.73KB, 612x612
Let's make this site great again!
¨ No.1746
45.33KB, 479x360

¨ No.1759
121.56KB, 357x500
¨ No.1767
44.22KB, 400x600
Girls having fun
¨ No.1789
58.96KB, 604x453

¨ No.1801
32.87KB, 295x452

¨ No.1822
328.29KB, 322x589

¨ No.1839
62.47KB, 604x453

¨ No.1846
459.90KB, 434x700

¨ No.1847
30.56KB, 623x561
Thank you for the excellent image
¨ No.1866
166.76KB, 960x720

¨ No.1880
60.22KB, 318x640
I never understood why one armed people
compete in special running events.
¨ No.1883
For a variety of interests, same as everyone else. Why the Hell shouldn't they?
¨ No.1895
you think that missing only an arm would give her advantage over somebody who's missing one or two legs? with certain prosthesis design a person with artificial legs may be able to run faster than somebody who has the legs they were born with.
¨ No.1899
90.83KB, 585x604

¨ No.1901
>>1899 Now why would someone who is a member of that good site post pics from there to this shithole? I hope they kick you out!
¨ No.1914
154.47KB, 960x951
I liked her better 15 lbs ago ;-)
¨ No.1927
69.96KB, 720x540
Where is she now?
¨ No.1952
486.12KB, 1024x1280
Alyssia or Not ?
¨ No.1957
Not. That's ES...you seriously can't tell. OMG!
¨ No.1963
¨ No.1972
27.23KB, 640x359
Tiffany Johnson, Shark survivor.
They don't get much newer ;-)
¨ No.1979
159.88KB, 1000x563
Tiffany Johnson. Fresh from shark bite survival.
¨ No.1987
133.38KB, 450x600

¨ No.2000
74.63KB, 450x600
¨ No.2012
105.77KB, 640x480

¨ No.2023
59.29KB, 514x587

¨ No.2028
20.00KB, 272x410
Nikki, she has disappeared
¨ No.2042
21.00KB, 272x410
¨ No.2064
69.12KB, 960x717

¨ No.2075
228.93KB, 720x960

¨ No.2083
44.87KB, 465x581

¨ No.2109
497.21KB, 1399x2105
SAE Plus
¨ No.2122
139.72KB, 628x960

¨ No.2142
91.12KB, 576x743

¨ No.2165
190.24KB, 944x960

¨ No.2173
111.85KB, 1024x1024
This site got infected just looking at home page
¨ No.2174
74.74KB, 540x491

It seems okay now.
¨ No.2212
96.40KB, 540x540

¨ No.2223
75.00KB, 640x893

¨ No.2234
71.91KB, 720x540
Where are the brunette SAE Caucasian ladies.
So many blonds.
¨ No.2263
573.53KB, 636x964

¨ No.2273
44.02KB, 567x425
So many blond SAE ladies.
¨ No.2291
31.87KB, 640x640

¨ No.2304
Deep in my files from many AnonAmp Boards ago I found another Muscle Arm file. Now so renamed.
Enjoy. Or not.
¨ No.2305
113.49KB, 732x731
Deep in my files from many AnonAmp Boards ago I found another Muscle Arm file. Now so renamed.
Enjoy. Or not.
¨ No.2316
170.92KB, 720x960

¨ No.2323
79.64KB, 750x864

¨ No.2331
more please
¨ No.2342
58.64KB, 480x640
Remember soccer mom?
¨ No.2343
32.87KB, 454x577
¨ No.2347
98.02KB, 512x768

¨ No.2365
92.84KB, 709x714

¨ No.2377
29.54KB, 295x435
Her accident left her with balance problems too.
¨ No.2381
78.22KB, 720x960

¨ No.2385
221.00KB, 800x531
Wish we had follow ups on this lady.
¨ No.2398
47.75KB, 604x453

¨ No.2413
37.47KB, 720x406

¨ No.2429
42.09KB, 540x705
Cancer by her elbow as an adult. Ruined her new tattoo
¨ No.2437
63.38KB, 1000x564

¨ No.2439
45.46KB, 540x720
Fresh off the boat, sort of speak
¨ No.2445
31.05KB, 540x376
¨ No.2446
30.97KB, 540x367

Car Accident? Passenger, right arm out the window and . . . Just asking.
¨ No.2454
61.88KB, 345x657
¨ No.2478
no scooter accident she was the opeartor, left arm
¨ No.2479
53.20KB, 600x800
Thank you.
¨ No.2487
104.39KB, 540x626

¨ No.2488
97.05KB, 540x622

¨ No.2500
111.34KB, 513x792
¨ No.2501
198.36KB, 360x504
Left arm by moped into street median and sign with her singles ad in tinder.
¨ No.2509
52.79KB, 516x480
One for the sisters
¨ No.2521
86.83KB, 716x1074

¨ No.2523
329.76KB, 640x960

¨ No.2524
205.34KB, 1280x960
>>2523 Nice! Here's one.
¨ No.2541
533.80KB, 570x581

¨ No.2562
394.31KB, 540x542
¨ No.2570
279.33KB, 900x1200

among others
¨ No.2573
113.42KB, 615x806
¨ No.2574
81.24KB, 749x1062
¨ No.2597
151.94KB, 851x1280

¨ No.2617
118.19KB, 480x854

¨ No.2624
55.39KB, 459x816

¨ No.2650
79.37KB, 536x720

¨ No.2662
63.73KB, 720x406

¨ No.2679
19.34KB, 540x304
Boating accident
¨ No.2697
57.91KB, 682x600

¨ No.2709
48.14KB, 540x395

¨ No.2732
69.17KB, 800x599

¨ No.2745
31.79KB, 404x589

¨ No.2755
68.20KB, 405x600

¨ No.2760
Let's fix those silly click-bait thingies, ok? No more ad-links. You're welcome.

¨ No.2773
45.15KB, 336x480

¨ No.2787
18.04KB, 182x285

¨ No.2791
43.50KB, 540x399

¨ No.2796
163.84KB, 750x960
Lauren Duck has a go fund me page for a prothetic arm. Easy to find on a search
¨ No.2797
325.81KB, 800x533
This is the image from her "GoFundMe" page
She wants to go all the way, high tech.
She should go with an osseointegration or otherwise she will not be able to raise her prosthetic arm at the shoulder.
¨ No.2815
39.92KB, 336x720
Donia K.
¨ No.2826
88.94KB, 749x797

¨ No.2834
68.91KB, 453x604

¨ No.2835
209.59KB, 371x454
¨ No.2850
224.41KB, 1280x1072
¨ No.2851
165.27KB, 1084x1080
Lots of new stuff of this lady daily.
¨ No.2852
244.59KB, 1280x1035

Who needs Pay To View sites?
Lauren Duck has a Go Fund Me page.
I choose her over Houston for my charity $
¨ No.2891
38.09KB, 500x500
Nice, properly lengthed AE residual limb
¨ No.2909
12.04KB, 200x301
Think of it as a sex toy :-o
¨ No.2921
40.75KB, 612x612
Kya E. before revision
¨ No.2933
>>2891<< I'm sure she'd be just thrilled to know you approve...
¨ No.2937
93.72KB, 540x545

¨ No.2941
75.84KB, 540x646

Second of the only two I have.
¨ No.2945
Thanks! She's a cutie!
¨ No.2956
101.33KB, 750x941

¨ No.2957
131.04KB, 709x897

¨ No.2961
64.44KB, 960x960
Kya E. She doesn't release her stumped images as she use to. Now we have Lauren Duck with a go fund me page (search) frequently imaged here recently.
¨ No.2962
717.32KB, 2048x1139
Such a shame
¨ No.2964
124.79KB, 768x891

¨ No.2965
>>2964<< I think I recognize this lady...not sure? Anyway, Thanks for posting..this thread is much better than some of the garbage posted on here!
¨ No.2982
140.81KB, 750x916

¨ No.2994
57.54KB, 1200x662
Victoria Jackson of a stunt gone wrong.
Her left cheek bone was created from a mirror of her right.
¨ No.2996
Let's fix those silly click-bait thingies, ok? No more ad-links. You're welcome.

¨ No.2999
si no consigue dinero como va a mantener la pagina?
¨ No.3002
If you had the intelligence required to know the difference between posting in your own language, or understanding what the language of a page is, then you would also understand how crap this page is. It's been spammed by people who don't know the difference between amputees and paras, and a bunch of weirdos who post stuff from 20 years ago. Nothing here that can't be found on tumbler, flickr or pinterest. Lazy-ass, greedy mod. Probably a faggot or otherwise dickless. No interest in the subject matter, but only out for easy cash... as you can tell by how long some of these script messages have been up before mod-kid noticed. Have him shut this shit down, and nobody will care.

To bjohn2018 -- you're a hero.
¨ No.3007
Your Momma says it's past your bedtime...
¨ No.3012
> 3006

Yep, definitely does not work on a phone. On the plus side, it's quite difficult to get malware on a phone through any website, unless you're stuck in the 90s and using a ratberry.
¨ No.3039
75.70KB, 314x442

¨ No.3040
97.21KB, 960x720

¨ No.3047
62.74KB, 540x720

¨ No.3054
124.58KB, 720x540

¨ No.3068
144.05KB, 471x990
Bus rolls over, passenger's arm out the window and . . .
¨ No.3093
57.96KB, 444x604

¨ No.3095
53.76KB, 501x770

oops I do believe she has 2 elbows.
Here is a make up. :-D
¨ No.3101
61.36KB, 316x627
The return of Donia K
¨ No.3124
57.18KB, 500x500
¨ No.3130
68.16KB, 500x500
¨ No.3131
40.44KB, 336x720
¨ No.3144
54.22KB, 389x532

¨ No.3145
38.39KB, 500x368

¨ No.3160
58.98KB, 500x500
Mirrored Donia
¨ No.3161
200.59KB, 335x501

¨ No.3162
44.51KB, 604x453
Gimme That Ole Time Donia :-D
¨ No.3163
73.24KB, 720x540

¨ No.3164
44.79KB, 404x603

¨ No.3166

I love that beautiful little stump sticking out of her shoulder. Too short to be of any use. Killer set of legs too.

I wonder how often she looks at her stump or tries to move her left arm and it reminds her of the person who lost their life as a result of her negligence?
¨ No.3175
38.90KB, 759x759

¨ No.3176
18.44KB, 320x480
Old Kya is best Kya.
¨ No.3185
76.13KB, 564x846

¨ No.3189
49.35KB, 564x375
¨ No.3199
116.48KB, 768x1024
¨ No.3216
53.89KB, 995x570

¨ No.3234
39.66KB, 604x453

¨ No.3236
120.64KB, 960x959
Thank you.
I believe she was diagnosed with cancer in her left elbow as as adult.
¨ No.3240
42.91KB, 453x604

¨ No.3243
47.73KB, 604x453

¨ No.3248
101.69KB, 702x700
¨ No.3249
89.17KB, 720x960

¨ No.3251
73.29KB, 319x640

¨ No.3252
83.40KB, 647x647

¨ No.3253
102.18KB, 1080x1080

¨ No.3254
113.59KB, 1080x1080
¨ No.3269
109.19KB, 1080x1350

¨ No.3273
59.63KB, 640x640

¨ No.3279
52.85KB, 500x624
¨ No.3285
220.91KB, 2048x1316

¨ No.3286
85.75KB, 640x640

¨ No.3302
24.80KB, 500x500

¨ No.3315
37.29KB, 500x276

¨ No.3338
59.72KB, 640x960
It's Debbie
¨ No.3343
1.07MB, 880x1000

¨ No.3356
72.45KB, 540x700
¨ No.3361
No more ad-links. You're welcome.

1. Install Chrome - https://www.google.com/chrome/
2. Install Violent Monkey - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/violentmonkey/jinjaccalgkegednnccohejagnlnfdag
3. Install AnonAmp Script - https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/32603-anonamp-script
4. Enjoy your porn free of ads and limbs -- just click the pictures, full-size image opens in new tab.
¨ No.3363
fuck all ES-shit here
¨ No.3365

Did you forget your pill this morning?
¨ No.3367
263.84KB, 327x593

¨ No.3379
346.95KB, 387x565
¨ No.3389
111.07KB, 720x960
Margerita G
¨ No.3394
152.70KB, 900x900
¨ No.3395
Id give my right arm just to have her sexy stump fondle my junk. she can probably do wonders with her only five fingers
¨ No.3412
314.72KB, 1153x1151
More M.G.>>3394
¨ No.3413
nub jobs from above elbow amps arent very good. they just rub the tip on your cock. my girlfriend is below elbow and she can “grab” my junk in her elbow crease. not as tight as a hand can squeeze, but when you think about it being a short be stump everything is so much better
¨ No.3418
128.33KB, 1280x720

Bet YOU never got near one in real life.
Dream on little boy.
¨ No.3419
lol okay whatever. were in an LDR, but i got to see her last weekend and had a gorgeous stump all over my body, including on my dick and in my mouth.
¨ No.3420
76.09KB, 1080x1350

¨ No.3434
25.25KB, 637x476

¨ No.3439
317.48KB, 1830x2048
Ms. M. G.
¨ No.3446
18.10KB, 320x480

¨ No.3455
128.51KB, 1280x720
More M.G.
¨ No.3468
292.04KB, 2048x1536

¨ No.3480
472.01KB, 2048x1880

¨ No.3494
66.95KB, 707x398
Lesbian dev and her amp partner stump stimulation
¨ No.3503
52.90KB, 650x1000
Montana M. One of premature twins. The catheter in her left arm's artery caused the loss of her left arm as a newborn.
¨ No.3504
22.77KB, 650x366

Money won't fix her life.
¨ No.3506
Some people will always be victims. Strong people get over it and live their lives.
¨ No.3510
121.28KB, 1280x720
I use to read stuff like that on the inside of a "Double Bubble" chewing gum wrapper.

Pic just because it is an image Board, SAE thread
¨ No.3529
275.62KB, 2048x1536

¨ No.3535
58.12KB, 636x636
Lauren Duck sure likes to exhibit herself.
¨ No.3541
102.87KB, 750x951
¨ No.3548
53.36KB, 420x576
New Duck. Looks like a piece of her stump flap has venous problems. Purple discoloration.
¨ No.3573
153.11KB, 750x931

¨ No.3602
210.99KB, 750x779

¨ No.3611
143.27KB, 1080x1286

¨ No.3630
1.83MB, 4055x2703

¨ No.3653
105.64KB, 570x573

¨ No.3660
151.50KB, 1280x720

¨ No.3669
61.00KB, 720x576

¨ No.3674
745.06KB, 2560x1920

¨ No.3703
159.34KB, 1127x1200
L. Duck
¨ No.3728
19.92KB, 640x336
Bethany. Pregnant with #2
¨ No.3735
56.20KB, 600x439

¨ No.3739
61.69KB, 600x450
¨ No.3761
58.15KB, 640x800

¨ No.3771
185.65KB, 961x640
SAE and friends
¨ No.3772
The one in the chair is the most attractive.
¨ No.3781
84.06KB, 748x748
Real Enough.
¨ No.3807
114.05KB, 640x960
Tarah and Duck both give San Diego as their residence. Y'think they know each other?
¨ No.3814
561.64KB, 960x1920
Something about "fluffy arm sock"
¨ No.3823
193.32KB, 624x957

¨ No.3827
40.88KB, 190x321
A twofer for an AE thread :-D
¨ No.3828
85.80KB, 624x656

At ease, corporal. You're one lucky Jarhead.
¨ No.3829
91.81KB, 640x640
Thank YOU! It's Kya.

But, do DAE's count as twofers here in your book?
¨ No.3837
31.85KB, 338x402

¨ No.3838
110.89KB, 1080x1350

¨ No.3842
75.62KB, 600x800

¨ No.3846
81.03KB, 796x565
You beat me to sharing the latest Kya :-/
¨ No.3847
286.50KB, 2048x1366
The more, the merrier, right?
¨ No.3850
The latest Kya??? Did you know she has dark hair now and doesn't go by Kia on social media? Your "latest" picture is at least 5 years old...
¨ No.3857
72.75KB, 600x405
Back when the community bought her a "state of the art" prosthesis. Problem: Prostatists are still paid for unused products.
¨ No.3861
91.90KB, 1080x720

¨ No.3864
This state of the art prosthetic is a mockery.
¨ No.3880
162.95KB, 768x1000

¨ No.3893
1.31MB, 854x1008

¨ No.3909
1.09MB, 683x1024

¨ No.3911
I love the plastic parts in a woman
¨ No.3919
171.88KB, 1080x1251

¨ No.3947
225.01KB, 1200x1800

¨ No.3974
69.57KB, 704x576
One for the sisters
¨ No.3986
92.03KB, 1080x1323
¨ No.3995
42.71KB, 446x480
Who is she, please
¨ No.3996
24.11KB, 388x640
¨ No.3997
There's several out there of her and unfortunately they're ES...note the fuzziness and irregularity around the stump from photo to photo...sorry!
¨ No.4001
53.15KB, 352x640
Sincerely, Thank You.
And you didn't haven't be snarky about it either.
I've been reviewing old files and find her in different areas but, not one series.
¨ No.4005
566.63KB, 639x826
I remember being disappointed myself when I realized...here
s one that hopefully you'll enjoy?
¨ No.4006
431.43KB, 360x270
I guess she posed for the images being altered. One shoulder lower.

Pic not related.
¨ No.4018
732.57KB, 600x826
If you were implying this was ES, you're a stupid fuck. And no, I didn't correct this one for the mirror affect, but take my word for it, she's a real RAE.
¨ No.4019
199.75KB, 692x600

Sorry for misunderstanding.
I was speaking of the several images of the LAE lady I uploaded, had them for years. Seems like she posed for pictures planning for ES.

Pic unrelated. Are we cool?
¨ No.4054
229.62KB, 1280x1418

¨ No.4065
55.21KB, 500x500

¨ No.4072
He made a mistake, rage harder.
¨ No.4080
430.47KB, 1280x1219
¨ No.4116
225.23KB, 1226x2048
¨ No.4128
35.88KB, 597x396
Real SAE
¨ No.4135
47.00KB, 540x720

Is this the same lady?
¨ No.4136
28.95KB, 437x449
I do not know. I do not ID people very well. The same girl is Nikki who lost her arm in a car accident similar to Kya, about same age too
¨ No.4140
63.75KB, 604x453

I agree, I don't seem to ID people very well either. These two (if they are two) have same body shape, same color and length of hair, and a long RAE limb.
¨ No.4146
46.83KB, 565x446
My Ex could recognize people well. I don't. If a lady changes her hair or style, I don't recognize her anymore. Even once a neighbor.

More Nikki, that's what the file name sez ;-)
¨ No.4170
53.07KB, 567x464


More Nikki
¨ No.4179
31.40KB, 551x447
Just found this extended Nikki video on YouTube
¨ No.4180
52.78KB, 453x604

Thanks for this. I didn't realize the swimming video was her too. You don't by chance happen to have a link to that video do you?
¨ No.4181
34.93KB, 494x448
I just stumbled on the YouTube link and shared here. Also I believe i have exhausted my Nikki supply.
¨ No.4196
142.63KB, 944x1024
Not Nikki
¨ No.4199
102.45KB, 832x1040

¨ No.4236
78.66KB, 1080x1350
¨ No.4252
77.62KB, 506x631
¨ No.4266
42.83KB, 800x511
Keyboard working RAE Latina
¨ No.4279
50.60KB, 800x552

Hire The Handicapped

It's Fun To Watch Them Try :-o
¨ No.4291
55.13KB, 800x586
¨ No.4309
Watch a socially retarded dev post (supposedly)funny captions about amps....amps everywhere think he's a tool.
¨ No.4322
61.73KB, 489x729
IMO (In My Opinion)
Too Much IMO.
Not Enough Image.
IMO are a sort of troll.
Give nothing.
¨ No.4338
323.38KB, 540x540
¨ No.4344
110.12KB, 699x465

¨ No.4346
Full video please!
¨ No.4371
59.84KB, 703x404
Search Cathy videos.
¨ No.4374
129.91KB, 960x859

¨ No.4392
95.58KB, 696x463
Luv the Amp Lady washing a car!
¨ No.4412
102.82KB, 700x462
Cathy vidcap
¨ No.4428
90.44KB, 696x462

¨ No.4452
325.65KB, 1600x1200

¨ No.4460
80.04KB, 493x657

She's missing a leg too. OOE
¨ No.4468
85.02KB, 588x1026
Thank YOU. I didn't see it was the same lady. Yes, AE's whatever should count on this AE Thread Si? :-)

I mean are YOU going to tell Jessica she doesn't qualify?
¨ No.4469
23.15KB, 274x477
¨ No.4471
203.16KB, 933x1055

Yep, any AE should count, even if they're missing something else too :P
¨ No.4472
46.81KB, 604x453

One more
¨ No.4473
123.06KB, 396x556
Who's gonna tell ;-)
¨ No.4478
73.47KB, 600x800

¨ No.4491
64.63KB, 772x513

¨ No.4492
50.54KB, 513x772
Seems like one armed ladies are vocalist
¨ No.4500
105.76KB, 1280x720

¨ No.4509
425.26KB, 2048x1358
Ms. Duck
¨ No.4516
261.72KB, 1280x960

¨ No.4519
Get a grip! >>4516 was posted on here recently and was outed then for being ES.
¨ No.4526
35.93KB, 622x414

My sincere apologies. I do not mean to deceive. I come to share, and look at my files on hand for inspiration. Mistakes happen. Considering easily 1/3rd on the real images on this site were uploaded by me, . . . Oh well. Let's just be nice and share as we can. Images primero
¨ No.4529
94.46KB, 512x512
SAK too
¨ No.4536
581.59KB, 1279x1920

¨ No.4557
86.76KB, 960x664

¨ No.4572
69.85KB, 540x626

¨ No.4574
167.58KB, 720x960

¨ No.4576
59.14KB, 453x604

¨ No.4593
30.13KB, 540x424
¨ No.4601
80.65KB, 960x637
Tres latinas
¨ No.4619
144.17KB, 960x960
As an adult, a cancer in her left elbow.
¨ No.4642
107.74KB, 832x967

¨ No.4664
85.35KB, 903x691
Love to see Ms. Duck doing some chores
¨ No.4699
108.56KB, 975x746
¨ No.4713
83.66KB, 640x640

¨ No.4730
29.36KB, 340x339
Sweet Jessica, SAE / SAK
¨ No.4740
71.04KB, 448x567
Debbie. Can she cook?
¨ No.4765
35.37KB, 674x450

¨ No.4778
23.36KB, 256x361
"Where did I leave that arm?"
¨ No.4783
Holy Crap! I hadn't been here in a long time...nice to see you guys are still throwing out shit that was old 20 years ago! I sweat this place must be where geriatric devs who never figured out how to search the web go for pics! Byeeee!
¨ No.4785
Please do share your wisdom oh great one!
¨ No.4786
30.42KB, 300x475
Gracias? Just because we collected since the BBS days should not create snobbery.
Roberta goes back to the BBS Days and there are always, "newbies" and not just us old farts.
MOST IMPORTANT: Upload a thread worthy image.
Sadly I cannot find my Roberta files, enjoy Rosemary E. or not.
¨ No.4787
226.51KB, 788x1028
Dear Newbies

This is Rosemary E.
Result of classic medical "oopsie".>>4786
¨ No.4792
HaHaHa! From what I see, you ONLY collected in the BBS days! Let's see...Rosemary would be what? 105 now, if she'd lived? Just your age, likely!
¨ No.4793
302.06KB, 521x803
Here's sort of a contemporary version of Rosemary in many ways...except this is current and she's very much alive and also a really nice lady. But enjoy your old, dusty...dead....amps!
¨ No.4799
120.64KB, 675x1200

In Dec I was attacked by my pet Rottweiler. I was life flighted to the hospital where I stayed for over a month enduring 20 surgeries and 15 blood transfusions as doctors try to save my dominant arm which ultimately had to be amputated. I look fwd to see what God has in store
¨ No.4800
84.88KB, 546x819

Sorry, the twitter images just don't totally download. Can anyone do better re.: Cydni

Image is just a picture SAK too
¨ No.4822
93.34KB, 540x720

¨ No.4860
46.20KB, 634x360

¨ No.4868
94.56KB, 675x1200

¨ No.4883
68.56KB, 735x575
Ms. Duck


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