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     File: 190.53KB, 540x689

¨ No.4628
29.56KB, 402x570
The buns on this hip lady make me wonder if the above image is real. I was looking for the hipster Russian body builder lady but, can't find it right now
¨ No.4629
>>4628 If you're referring to
>>4622 then yes, definitely ES.
¨ No.4690
58.09KB, 460x566

Those "buns" look real for hipster techniques today. Can you verify she is ES? I know, "too good to be true" and "one image" rules. :-D

Attached the well known hipster, "Lana".
Great "buns" like the image in question.

WARNING: No need to be nasty, mean or snarky.
Not personal at the moment, just let's discuss.
¨ No.4691
43.11KB, 254x453

Let's discuss with images of course.
Even for image sake is better than no image ;-)
¨ No.4694
84.21KB, 519x932
I'm always dubious about pics like 4622 and a quick image search revealed that she has a matching pair of very nice legs and (for some reason) is carrying 2 shopping bags. Not big into hipsters but there's always an exception to the rule, see attached.
¨ No.4695
95.34KB, 557x971
Plus, there is a good reason why the old adage "Too good to be true" has stood the test of time. Unless they're posing for one of the niche websites, few (if any) amps parade themselves in outfits emphasising their disability. Just ask yourself when you last saw a drop-dead gorgeous one legger tottering around on a high heel and crutches.
¨ No.4696
101.35KB, 675x983
And finally, check out the image itself. Plain back and foreground = easy to work with plus - as already stated - the original has her carrying a couple of bags....so even her arms were in the right position to substitute those bags with a pair of crutches.
¨ No.4700
64.10KB, 479x453
Please share the unaltered image.
I do not see the alterations often described like if you close one eye and poke the other your will see . . . I don't see it over the years. I do not doubt there are better spotters than I am.
At least we know Lana & "buns", is real. :-)

Not into hipsters.
magine "side saddle" position possibilities
¨ No.4701
98.28KB, 332x640
You are right - 'too good to be true' is as relevant now as it has always been. Another clue is the single crutch - it is very rare indeed for an amputee to use a single crutch, with the exception of Orientals who almost all do. Image 4622 is fantastic, image 4628 is entirely believable, image 4695 is totally ludicrous - quite the most unnatural pose I have ever seen !!
¨ No.4702
The only one that is es is 4622. 4628 is Julia from Natalie's Palace. 4694 4695 and 4696 are Elana Amputee.
¨ No.4703
4694,4695,4696 is it elena amputee?
she uses single crutch..
¨ No.4707
4703 Yes yes she does.
Here is her youtube.
¨ No.4712
90.59KB, 935x546
Yet no one has uploaded the unaltered image.
And modern hipsters do have great buns>>4622
¨ No.4714
309.57KB, 846x1080
You're nothing if not persistent are you? Ok, my memory about her carrying 2 shopping bags was somewhat off, but she's definitely got 2 legs. Now will you accept that IT'S ES? Sorry if that bursts your bubble.
¨ No.4716
174.70KB, 960x960

Thank You very much.
Fond dreams are hard to kill

Picture for image sake
¨ No.4717
390.95KB, 1152x1728
4622 may be ES but it is a superbly done example and takes a lot more expertise than just posting a photo of a far less attractive 'real' amputee. Why don't you just get over it and not keep harping on about ES ? Some of us prefer it for the above reason and, of course, the ES board has been unavailable for ages
¨ No.4718
108.56KB, 550x600
Thx dude! Couldn´t say any better!
Just let those who want to see ES post some ES and shut up!
If there is an ES pic everyone can see it! We don´t need you telling us that it is! But anyway, no one cares but you!
And gues what! This pic is ES, too!
¨ No.4722
172.05KB, 960x890
If ES is so offensive to the 'purists/pedants' why is it not possible to either unlock the present ES board or start another one ?
¨ No.4723
250.68KB, 1008x1600
For Christ's sake, the issue isn't with ES per ce, but with the haphazard way you're posting it! It's not rocket science to work out that this board is limited to 9 pages, each capable of supporting around 10 threads. Those pages are full and everyone is littered with ES - both within real amp threads and as single posts. It's the latter of these that cause the most damage, because every new thread started knocks whatever is at the bottom of page 9 off the board. Ironically, 2 casualties of this have been a dedicated ES thread and one where anyone unsure if an image was ES could ask for opinions. So come on guys, keep ES in dedicated threads so anyone not interested can simply scroll past. Not a big ES fan but appropriate image attached to show no hard feelings.
¨ No.4724
No need for either of those options. Simply start and KEEP TO a couple of dedicated threads here. Possibly one for legs and one for arms. Not a big ask is it?
¨ No.4725
Just to illustrate my point. At time of posting this the first 4 threads on this page were started with an ES image. I rest my case.
¨ No.4726
115.22KB, 644x866
The most relevant question has already been asked. Why can't we have a dedicated ES thread ? Then people can post to their hearts content without being criticised by the 'anti ES' police
¨ No.4728
And answered. You can. The problem is, there's at least one dickhead on here who insists posting ES wherever he wants. Either that, or he's just too dumb to know the difference.
¨ No.4729
66.16KB, 290x400

And not try fool anyone. Maybe even use an ES thread rather than mixing ES with real.

It is the attempts to create confusion and hoax that is objectionable.
Old ES attached. Well altered image better idea
¨ No.4734
100.50KB, 1200x1800
Okay, its ES and I'm sorry for taht ...
¨ No.4739
65.90KB, 400x600
Actually >>4734 is a flipped image of Adela, a RAK from Ampworld.
¨ No.4741
30.44KB, 366x362
Thank YOU for spotting and thank you all for some "nice" discussion void of "not nice" type stuff.
Thank You
I do not see this stuff well and still mourn the thread lead hipster. ;-)
Today, many take their own mirror images such as Ms. Duck.

So is this a mirror image too? :-D
¨ No.4768
25.62KB, 345x480
My First Lost Love
Remember Your First? :-D
¨ No.4769
17.78KB, 373x480
¨ No.4781
160.46KB, 635x1000
Love?!!! Lust or fantasy maybe. As previously stated, I'm not a big ES fan but, every now and then I come across an image that you'd be hard pressed to find replicated by a real amp - like the attached. How I wish some good looking amp - other than a model - would decide to make wearing a peg-leg a fashion statement.
¨ No.4788
187.33KB, 540x960
>>4628 - Russian body builder (OV)
¨ No.4789
230.12KB, 1365x2048
Re 4694 "Not big into hipsters "... For me, a beautiful girl with one leg completely missing from the hip is both shocking and compellingly beautiful. As well as those mentioned in this thread (Julia, Lana, Elena, OV) there are several other examples: 2 Evas, one on Natalie's Palace, the other on selfy.com; Bang Bang Be, aka Bang Thi Be, avid RHD youtube poster of vids of herself; EG, South African Paralympic swimmer (shown), to mention just a few...
¨ No.4790
44.11KB, 400x531
Yeah EG is one of the best hipsters. Does anyone have recent pics of her?
¨ No.4794
101.58KB, 640x960
This image shows how drastic her amputation is
¨ No.4795
140.86KB, 768x1024
And this shows how beautiful she is. However, she does not update photos so there is scarcely anything of her to see
¨ No.4797
48.26KB, 400x598
Nice photo of her THX

But do you really think its a good idea to post her full name here? I belive one of the reasons there isn't much recent material of her are the creepy harassing ones of our kind. Let us admire her but keep our existence hidden - most ampus don'i like us!
¨ No.4798
134.37KB, 1000x665
Nice to witness civility.
And this thread began over ES.
Wow, what a morph. :-)
Duckduckgo did a bit better than google
¨ No.4802
Reasonable point about EG as she was coyly called on here, as if 99% of people who follow this site knew exactly who she was. I would suggest the main reason that she does not post loads of images of herself (and that includes her social media sites) is that most female amputees do not see pleasing men who find amputees attractive as their raison d'etre.
¨ No.4803
143.41KB, 1080x720

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