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     File: 271.52KB, 2048x1367
Post pictures of wheelchair women here.
¨ No.45
241.86KB, 1362x2048

¨ No.46
116.19KB, 540x960

¨ No.54
131.92KB, 539x960

¨ No.55
172.68KB, 663x960

¨ No.56
88.67KB, 391x638

¨ No.57
105.04KB, 364x807

¨ No.58
89.70KB, 406x985

¨ No.99
363.11KB, 960x1280
Does anyone know who this is? Or have more of her?
¨ No.128
406.70KB, 2203x3000
Please take note of Admins few and very basic rules, NO names!! I like this site and don't want to see it go away again!!!
¨ No.150
249.95KB, 1875x1250
You could try to post more of her, instead of posting a picture of a girl in an ugly wheelchair from ancient times.
¨ No.195
115.28KB, 1080x1080
This thread needs to be on the first page.

Do you guys like soft, paralyzed thighs?
¨ No.197
58.33KB, 640x960

¨ No.199
65.68KB, 540x960

¨ No.211
1.90MB, 1440x1431

¨ No.213
¨ No.226
877.63KB, 3351x3523

¨ No.238
Damn, her legs are sexy.
¨ No.241
152.50KB, 582x720

¨ No.296
The blonde girl in the image 1481488919133.jpg is amazing!! does someone have more pictures of this woman?
¨ No.297
55.27KB, 576x960

¨ No.308
149.04KB, 1080x1080
Of course.
¨ No.309
I click on the pictures and all I get is "shrink.in".

Do I need to sign up or is this just some kind of scam?

Is there a way of just typing in the jpg #?
¨ No.310
no scam, url shortener
¨ No.311
Wow!!! she is really beautiful! I hope there are more pictures of her....

Thank you for posting the second picture of her!
¨ No.313
Do you have more pictures of 1481647685469.jpg? I would appreciate it very much!

How can I insert an anchor to the image as a reference? I don't know how are you doing that when replying messages...
¨ No.314
130.98KB, 1080x1080
You simply click on the post number, like "No.313". It is quite easy.
¨ No.315

Thank you! I got it! What a beauty... never seen before, she has something special...

I hope you can post more of her :-)
¨ No.317
142.45KB, 1080x1349
Certainly. Do you have any other favourites? Post a picture or two if you have.
¨ No.318
46.93KB, 640x640
Thanks for the new pic. If you have more from this girl I would appreciate, I could say she is my favourite now! Anyway, cross thin legs and boots are amazing, and this girl has everything!

Here you are some pics, I hope they are new to you.
¨ No.319
204.72KB, 733x1000
Another of my favourites...
¨ No.320
61.26KB, 482x700
another one :-)
¨ No.321
121.23KB, 640x640
Sure, have one more. 318 is new to me, 319 is attractive but well-known, 320 is not so interesting.
¨ No.322
1.26MB, 1000x1503
Oh, that was the last one? She makes me remember an old girldfriend who was similar to her, maybe that's the reason I really like this girl...
¨ No.323
34.70KB, 318x479

I can't upload some pics because the web beleives it is porn or nude, but it is an error...
¨ No.324
41.19KB, 300x300
Not really the last one, but it becomes tedious to find more pictures.
¨ No.325
49.74KB, 549x817
Thank you for your effort, don't worry if it is too complicated to locate...
¨ No.326
91.36KB, 717x960
That one is a real beauty, she's very high on my list.
¨ No.328
63.52KB, 557x856
Yes, she is fine, blonde still the winner :-)
¨ No.329
128.99KB, 1024x768
Do you have any favourites among Paralympic athletes?
¨ No.330
49.55KB, 640x960
Not really, except Tamara Mena (don't know if she is paralympic) or Giulia Ghiretti (she is awesome too)
¨ No.331
111.99KB, 640x640

¨ No.335
thank you!
¨ No.338
661.17KB, 1536x1536

¨ No.344
95.89KB, 576x576

¨ No.345
367.12KB, 981x1507
The same blond girl again!!! Great!!! Any other picture of her??
¨ No.346
78.50KB, 960x960
Sure, if you have more of the one you posted. I think I've seen her before, but I don't know who it is.
¨ No.348
537.38KB, 1280x1280
Great! Thank you! Please, post more of this girl if it is possible... do you know her name?

Here is another pic of the previous girl.. (other image of her is being rejected because it thinks it is porn, but it does not)
¨ No.349
153.14KB, 2048x1463
Yes, but I'm not allowed to post it here. Maybe give me an e-mail address, and I will message you.
¨ No.399
1.81MB, 912x1238

¨ No.401
120.76KB, 717x960
nothing more beautiful than socks & boots on thin paraplegic legs
¨ No.403
184.43KB, 805x1024

¨ No.404
199.68KB, 768x1024

¨ No.407
75.92KB, 540x960

¨ No.420
117.06KB, 1080x1080
Do people here prefer paras or quads?
¨ No.427
431.23KB, 1516x1523
I usually prefer paras. I really like the contrast between a stong upper body and flaccid legs. But on the other hand, the lack of core strenght and hand function can be very attractive as well as long as they are no ventilator dependent. Some hand function must still remain
¨ No.428
275.95KB, 637x622

¨ No.429
115.08KB, 960x540

¨ No.430
100.04KB, 612x612

¨ No.431
106.73KB, 612x612

¨ No.432
137.76KB, 640x960

¨ No.433
70.31KB, 501x640

¨ No.434
136.62KB, 823x722

¨ No.435
144.42KB, 960x640

¨ No.436
102.19KB, 717x960

¨ No.438
182.85KB, 800x789

¨ No.439
58.91KB, 620x675

¨ No.440
104.05KB, 538x538

¨ No.441
54.51KB, 600x800

¨ No.442
162.17KB, 960x960

¨ No.443
83.14KB, 480x640

¨ No.444
531.98KB, 1536x2048

¨ No.445
186.34KB, 452x602

¨ No.446
145.14KB, 747x1328
I absolutely agree. I prefer a para, but a quad who uses a manual wheelchair is also very attractive to me. Powered wheelchairs are not so sexy.
¨ No.453
hey, what about stephen hawking?
¨ No.456
Now that is gay. If only Dr Hawking were a chick in a miniskirt and pantyhose, then that is another story altogether.
¨ No.492
¨ No.526
940.18KB, 1200x874

¨ No.527
Kill all Faggots
¨ No.528
95.01KB, 1024x1024

¨ No.530
The site is now completely unusable. It's sad to see it so totally ruined like this. I won't be back.
¨ No.534
86.08KB, 623x960
I can open the pics again. It's still worse than the previous board, but it works again. Let's keep this board rolling guys
¨ No.568
1.16MB, 1920x1920

Will post more pictures of the one Anonamp chooses before the new year.
¨ No.573
31.47KB, 480x480

¨ No.587
66.16KB, 942x942
¨ No.610
59.74KB, 640x673

¨ No.630
1.28MB, 1778x2400

¨ No.639
127.66KB, 1024x949

¨ No.640
258.22KB, 1488x1600

¨ No.641
225.73KB, 1024x1011

¨ No.642
0.96MB, 832x855

¨ No.688
273.88KB, 705x1058

¨ No.750
292.83KB, 1024x1279
Does anyone have the original of this?
¨ No.751
177.42KB, 1080x1349
Most certainly.
¨ No.814
68.49KB, 1080x810

¨ No.815
147.32KB, 960x944

¨ No.816
265.50KB, 715x747

¨ No.835
361.68KB, 1065x1600

¨ No.842
0.99MB, 1250x671
¨ No.847
142.16KB, 573x960

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