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     File: 44.09KB, 600x800
Post your favorite photos of Amputees propping up their stump (residual limb) HERE!
¨ No.2354
85.68KB, 590x756

¨ No.2359
20.98KB, 256x479

¨ No.2363
906.22KB, 602x696

¨ No.2366
77.67KB, 540x720

¨ No.2394
305.60KB, 1280x720

¨ No.2407
63.58KB, 149x400

¨ No.2408
506.72KB, 1242x942

¨ No.2456
35.72KB, 302x726

¨ No.2459
308.30KB, 346x640
Her below knee stump prop before her left leg was amputated above the knee!
¨ No.2460
Her above knee stump prop!!! Picture taken after her left leg below knee amputation was re-amputated above the knee!!! See picture of her below knee stump prop here >>2459
¨ No.2461
74.52KB, 532x584
Her above knee stump prop!!! Picture taken after her left leg below knee amputation was re-amputated above the knee!!! See picture of her below knee stump prop here >>2459
¨ No.2466
100.36KB, 588x1280

¨ No.2467
24.55KB, 446x604
Can't help but wonder whether there wasn't a wannabe element involved in her decision to go from BK to AK. She does appear to love that stump.
¨ No.2530
111.51KB, 784x1024

¨ No.2537
386.84KB, 1181x1772
>>2530 What a cracking shot. That lovely little bud belongs to Stephanie,one of Jasmines lassies. Here's one of my old favourites,the lovely Stella, doing what she did so well - teasing.
¨ No.2539
Rule No. 5 : DonĀ“t wank and write simultaneously!
¨ No.2543
78.16KB, 1440x810

¨ No.2588
54.29KB, 639x920

¨ No.2889
170.62KB, 1280x960

¨ No.2890
45.45KB, 854x854
Something's holding up that crutch!
¨ No.2898
15.37KB, 236x354
You missed the point. The object of the thread is to SHOW what's holding up the crutch.
¨ No.2900
I have a feeling he's missing alot more than the point!
¨ No.2910
40.81KB, 709x576
Happy now?
¨ No.2915
73.50KB, 960x720
Yes, thankyou.
¨ No.2946
125.27KB, 960x960

¨ No.2954
42.91KB, 653x800

¨ No.2958
562.46KB, 768x1005

¨ No.2980
33.76KB, 285x477
¨ No.2993
261.43KB, 1539x1539

¨ No.3028
286.09KB, 2048x1536
Stump-propping dancer
¨ No.3041
87.92KB, 540x720

¨ No.3045
102.15KB, 878x768

¨ No.3046
102.64KB, 575x814

¨ No.3048
461.13KB, 1000x1333

¨ No.3049
463.17KB, 1067x1551

¨ No.3051
129.65KB, 944x960

¨ No.3052
232.76KB, 525x700

¨ No.3088
142.35KB, 633x960
Old but nice
¨ No.3141
474.10KB, 2048x1536

¨ No.3242
77.61KB, 360x480

¨ No.3305
609.45KB, 565x768

¨ No.3310
111.36KB, 784x1024

¨ No.3311
80.66KB, 960x720
Sitting stump prop?
¨ No.3324
73.52KB, 453x604
>>3311 Is a cutie, but I can't help but wonder whether it's ES. The attached is very much real though.
¨ No.3336
379.42KB, 1280x1883

¨ No.3344
256.90KB, 1280x960

¨ No.3345
64.00KB, 446x576

¨ No.3355
793.49KB, 470x768

¨ No.3374
273.42KB, 775x1177

¨ No.3400
109.51KB, 720x960

¨ No.3423
103.51KB, 1024x768

¨ No.3427
33.30KB, 500x334

¨ No.3469
114.07KB, 450x861
Propped on air?
¨ No.3470
7.79KB, 68x117

¨ No.3474
138.72KB, 500x1361

¨ No.3530
55.79KB, 720x521

¨ No.3539
91.77KB, 575x766

¨ No.3542
62.75KB, 425x800

¨ No.3544
129.73KB, 299x487

¨ No.3547
82.06KB, 720x960

¨ No.3572
294.18KB, 1024x768

¨ No.3608
743.12KB, 471x711

¨ No.3627
200.17KB, 2048x1365

¨ No.3642
34.77KB, 281x475

¨ No.3667
275.61KB, 540x405

¨ No.3670
53.57KB, 1024x683

¨ No.3711
83.15KB, 539x960

¨ No.3722
142.21KB, 1280x853

¨ No.3745
111.58KB, 946x960

¨ No.3746
72.43KB, 539x960

¨ No.3752
174.23KB, 740x1482
Not stunningly beautiful, but a 1st class example of the stump prop.
¨ No.3753
61.39KB, 539x960

¨ No.3766
217.98KB, 573x800

¨ No.3775
177.27KB, 1140x1714

¨ No.3785
138.70KB, 720x960

¨ No.3787
41.03KB, 332x496

¨ No.3788
47.46KB, 344x492
¨ No.3789
129.78KB, 575x808

¨ No.3793
95.50KB, 768x1024

¨ No.3808
105.15KB, 960x960

¨ No.3809
39.34KB, 400x398

¨ No.3822
285.92KB, 942x1375
>>3808 M de A, absolutely stunning and a favourite of mine. Such a shame that few of us will ever have the good fortune to sight such a beauty, let alone on crutches....a real rarity.
¨ No.3824
340.26KB, 1536x2048

¨ No.3825
1.23MB, 768x775

¨ No.3830
Beautiful! Is she an amp model? The image does seem somewhat contrived for her not to be....hardly the sort of pose you'd come across in real life.
¨ No.3859
Goes by the name Sandy, from Uzbekistan and is yet another addition to the Ampgermany/Amputee Top-model - two and the same I think - website. They're recruiting so many newbies lately I have trouble keeping up.
¨ No.3862
126.96KB, 400x300
Sorry, forgot the image. Quite a cutie, nice stump too.
¨ No.3970
88.50KB, 623x960

¨ No.4098
48.54KB, 400x300

¨ No.4101
1.09MB, 739x1133

¨ No.4102
51.19KB, 476x720

¨ No.4125
296.16KB, 1555x1037

¨ No.4193
41.59KB, 360x281

¨ No.4286
67.13KB, 720x960

¨ No.4295
92.44KB, 690x947

¨ No.4310
79.53KB, 450x600

¨ No.4432
186.45KB, 721x960
¨ No.4453
249.70KB, 1134x1726

¨ No.4454
220.39KB, 1132x1663

¨ No.4611
252.41KB, 960x1357

¨ No.4697
24.94KB, 457x600

¨ No.4855
Troll defence
¨ No.4869
30.57KB, 326x469

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