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     File: 477.95KB, 2048x1536

¨ No.2278
146.91KB, 720x960

¨ No.2279
Looking better with age
¨ No.2301
259.94KB, 960x960
>>2279 Have to agree. It's the softer,modern hairstyle I think. But advancing years and too much sunbathing are catching up on her. Check out her neck in this pic.
¨ No.2310
Do you have more or know where I can see other pix?
¨ No.2311
226.24KB, 720x479
You must be new to this scene or computers. She's a successful wannabe who has loved displaying the result of her efforts - i.e. stump - for around 20 years. There must be 100's of pics of her out there. Try googling Valerie amputee.
¨ No.2352
Instagram page, under name vals1964
¨ No.2386
129.87KB, 640x960
¨ No.2387
120.29KB, 640x960

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