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     File: 176.03KB, 796x1087
As much as I love the Amputee ladies I imagine myself as a man who lost his dick and still has a full sac producing raging hormones and congested glands. IED's in "Not At War, Wars" create some. Kevlar shorts refused being hot and uncomfortable. Watch for V.A. sponsored penis transplants. Welcome to my fantasy.
¨ No.1626
69.23KB, 800x600
¨ No.1627
170.41KB, 427x569
I just woke up like this. I do not remember how I got to this hospital in Thailand. And they discharge me tomorrow with the catheter still in place.
¨ No.1628
208.47KB, 527x800
Do Not Pee on the electrified rail.
Concentrated urine is a conductor and the electrical burns can be . . . .
¨ No.1630
Not sure you really love the ladies Fag Breath!
So Go suck your cock while you still have it
¨ No.1640
74.15KB, 657x515
>>1630 - Remember, it happens. Esp. in war.
Or pissed off Chinese or Vietnamese or Thai women feeling scorned.

Such images seem to be threatening to some who feel amputee ladies are okay to view. Go figure. Fantasy, being dickless with a loving lady.
¨ No.1644
183.40KB, 1545x929
Accident, reportedly. Total eunuch now.
¨ No.1658
To think there was a time when I thought finding SAK amputee women attractive made me strange!!!! You need help fella....seriously. What's going on in your head ain't normal.
¨ No.1660
I love reading a forum where acrotomophiliacs call Skoptic syndrome patient crazy, it's all relative.
¨ No.1670
I recently stumbled into a youtube playlist where some dude was collecting acid burn victims. I was like 'I'll stick to my phocomelia en dwarfism. thank you very much.' But I guess I should't judge.
¨ No.1672
114.04KB, 324x480
Is there really a man who has not imagined losing his joystick?
Amazingly, some get ticked off by these images.
Imagine being with one's dream amputee lady and having no joystick. Living with it is more exciting to me than losing it.
¨ No.1673
50.57KB, 400x300

For those more excited by the act of losing it.
¨ No.1680
16.14KB, 480x360
When do you share it with your new girl friend?
How do you explain it to her?
¨ No.1683
122.41KB, 800x534

Well she took to it like a duck to water and shares me with her friends. Imagine.
¨ No.1703
140.28KB, 800x600

She loves my altered form
¨ No.1721
303.47KB, 1280x1707

Dickless wonders in action
¨ No.1726
105.24KB, 500x408

More from the Dickless
¨ No.1743
95.55KB, 564x752
arrojese desde un abismo gordo guevon
¨ No.1788
913.96KB, 2272x1704
And some get upset over IED injuries uploaded.
¨ No.1793
450.95KB, 1600x1200
The military does have Kevlar shorts but the troops don't like them because they are hot.
Kevlar shorts would leave a massive crush injury instead of the blast injury tearing off flesh. Those soldiers blown off near the hips, "consider". And the VA is studying Penis Transplants. No one worries as much about the functionally same Spinal Cord loss of sex.
¨ No.1794
1.45MB, 2353x2028
fantasia?...yo creo que eres homosexual...salga del closet
¨ No.1797
Moderator, why let allow such a sick and disgusting thread...totally inappropriate for this board!
Please do your fucking job and take this down!
¨ No.1799
Ditto that. Even when this site was at its height (with multiple sub boards), I don't recall seeing anything as bizarre. Sadly I appreciate that expressing our distaste only serves to keep this crap on the front page.
¨ No.1800
I don't get off on looking at men, with or without their parts but if others do, that is fine. I just don't look at the pictures. On the other hand, why is there so very few pictures like this of women? I very very few with women ...paraplegics, quads, amps ..... with catheters. I can't remember seeing any with a sexy woman in a chair, thigh high nylons (I assume but could be wrong that you can't wear panty hose with a catheter) nude with a catheter. If anyone has any, please post! I have searched everywhere and can't find any. Thanks so much!
¨ No.1824
371.73KB, 1000x682
Expecting to finish one year abroad towards his anthropology major in an African village; he found out being seen with a female not a family member, or wife has consequences. :-o
¨ No.1875
133.47KB, 900x600

Hello dear. I'm back from my year of anthropology study in Africa
¨ No.1922
470.54KB, 1280x809
Another Cancer Survivor.
Annual Penograms save lives
¨ No.1923
25.27KB, 480x360
¨ No.2015
116.62KB, 600x900
HPV vaccine as a teen prevents penile cancer.
The cancer is treatable but, . . . :-o
¨ No.2044
98.57KB, 800x533
Yes he can cum, but it is just a release, no pump action.
Penograms Save Lives.
Men don't forget to have your cancer screening.
¨ No.2045
32.42KB, 575x431

¨ No.2047
29.82KB, 575x431

¨ No.2048
41.87KB, 575x431

¨ No.2060
Get lost you cock stump sucking faggotts. This does not belong here you semen breath losers.
¨ No.2061
Thanks so much for the great laugh! 99% of the world figures that all devs are completely depraved and so now you can't contain your outrage at another dev for not being the right kind!
¨ No.2062
236.32KB, 1600x1200
Why Not? It is the "classic Freudian" amputated part. Several of us are uploading here, really. On the Old Board was a mastectomy thread. Not my cup of tea, I prefer amputee ladies. Why are man parts amputated so different. Be a bit intellectual about it if you can. Gracias.
BTW this guy is also AK and BE, hope that helps
¨ No.2067
So I guess that makes you are the King of the Dickless Dudes you little Cum Breath Cuck
¨ No.2073
161.33KB, 533x800
Please. Remember.
Do Not Feed The Trolls
On a different note, this realm is termed
Penectomized SheMales
Imagine. Imagine finding out too late.
¨ No.2076
¨ No.2095
121.63KB, 853x1280
¨ No.2107
1.93MB, 400x325
animated GIF
¨ No.2140
99.64KB, 528x835

¨ No.2145
100.00KB, 359x479

¨ No.2164
45.39KB, 1004x706
Imagine the lady who loves such a guy,
and how does she do it?
¨ No.2177
133.00KB, 405x600

¨ No.2213
106.69KB, 540x759
Having been abused as a child, she like me the way I am.
¨ No.2224
94.04KB, 540x720
Some do keep their piece, preserved.
¨ No.2236
76.62KB, 540x720
¨ No.2300
409.58KB, 800x600
And partnered to a loving amputee lady
¨ No.2315
78.53KB, 612x792
Curing cancer one dick at a time.

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