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     File: 133.02KB, 1200x1800
No.4188  [Reply]

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¨ No.4426
22.57KB, 400x321

¨ No.4427
Do you have anymore of her?
¨ No.4521
How about you keep the thread alive and we'll see where it goes

     File: 163.44KB, 640x980
No.4441  [Reply]
the georgeous S.J.
from top to bottom
(composed from two photos of her
no "es" done by me)
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¨ No.4494
its not es!! >>4486
¨ No.4495
What is Shawn's last name?, i gotta know!
¨ No.4496
wild guess its starts with J !!! somebody gotta have more new pics of her!!! those stumps though !!! we dont see any scars... anybody know her story??>>4495

     File: 120.55KB, 437x570
No.4332  [Reply]

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¨ No.4446
962.64KB, 1624x1080

¨ No.4448
81.28KB, 1080x675

¨ No.4462
72.15KB, 718x675
I do wish Brit would lose her love of those God awful knee high pull-ups. Remind me of something my grandma would wear. So unflattering.

     File: 67.01KB, 540x360
No.4420  [Reply]

     File: 214.88KB, 1425x1140
No.4396  [Reply]

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¨ No.4415
she is the same like in the two pics before! what do you think is it in these pics? ;)
¨ No.4416
202.02KB, 1200x1200
Bad troll trolls bad...

Why just don't you ask for more pics from LH?
¨ No.4419
201.39KB, 1080x1349

Oh shit I didn't recognize LH! My bad, definitely not ES then!

     File: 583.85KB, 1437x622
No.4360  [Reply]
New (congenital) quad amp showing off
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¨ No.4385
Come on fuckers.
Pretty high standards for a devotee.
¨ No.4395

She's married with kids. I doubt she would want more than five seconds with you.>>4377
¨ No.4408
u mad?

     File: 231.25KB, 680x1024
No.84  [Reply]
Any Material will be appreciated !!
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¨ No.4404
38.93KB, 564x569

¨ No.4405
59.88KB, 564x576

¨ No.4406
30.56KB, 245x529

     File: 80.84KB, 450x800
No.4402  [Reply]

     File: 100.23KB, 690x470
No.4378  [Reply]
Post your favorite pictures of male Amputees touching their own stumps (residual limbs) HERE!
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¨ No.4382
71.39KB, 683x1024

¨ No.4390
272.31KB, 1280x720
Touching his stump with his stump.
¨ No.4394
118.03KB, 540x960

He had those gorgeous BK stumps revised to AK.

     File: 19.99KB, 314x468
No.4393  [Reply]
Can anyone tell me who she is

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