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Socialism kills and it is awesome to see the people of Venezuela finally uprising against it.
I hope it is not too late some people are already starving because of socialism (https://www.wsj.com/articles/venezuela-is-starving-1493995317).

It is quite dangerous for an amputee like the girl in the picture to take part in a demonstration as many people get killed and she could not flee fast enough when the socialist thugs decide to strike (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/06/number-killed-venezuela-amid-mounting-political-unrest-reaches/).

Her bravery makes her all the more admirable.
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> political "discussions" on an image board...

Please OP just get lost!
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check it out

     File: 43.31KB, 247x393
No.59  [Reply]
thread for women with peg leg! though it was awesome back when they had an entire board for the subject
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363.93KB, 584x355
¨ No.1684
57.38KB, 687x1373
here is fashion model viktoria modesta with peg leg!
unfortunately her below knee stump is very short so she can't walk on it. the peg is only cosmetic.
¨ No.1686
Viktoria Modesta Prototype–(YouTube)

     File: 136.73KB, 1080x675
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How is it possible to not go to jail after committing such an act?>>1646
¨ No.1655
Only domiciliary arrest that does not comply, because it goes out into the street as if nothing happened


     File: 490.66KB, 659x1175
No.871  [Reply]
thread for artwork or drawings of amputee women!
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¨ No.1487
38.22KB, 820x1912
if you're gonna post es at least give her a hook and peg leg
¨ No.1488
544.23KB, 469x606
Sorry no hook, but I believe it is animated, let's see. :-)>>1487
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163.57KB, 800x1040

     File: 194.84KB, 900x1126
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is there anymore?
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Any one knows where Thumber is these days
¨ No.1600
She died in 2015,

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