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Embed: 21 января 2018 г.–(YouTube)
No.4596  [Reply]
Beautiful model amputee



     File: 25.49KB, 480x480
No.4587  [Reply]

     File: 21.69KB, 341x454
No.3984  [Reply]
Any pictures of toe amputees?
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18.94KB, 400x277

¨ No.4551
33.00KB, 480x360

¨ No.4568
23.29KB, 419x411

     File: 69.33KB, 720x960
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¨ No.4564
91.57KB, 720x960

     File: 68.11KB, 500x281
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¨ No.4559
Ditto >>4558

     File: 345.96KB, 540x495
No.4039  [Reply]

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¨ No.4545
93.81KB, 1200x800

¨ No.4550
Dude! Did you get all butthurt from people complaining about your ES shit not being marked? So being the vindictive little shit you are, you decided to flood the board with crappy ES? Knock yourself out. (yawn)
¨ No.4552
I dont have problem with this. ES beauty is also beauty.

*Not OP*

     File: 1.59MB, 1536x2048
No.2190  [Reply]

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338.60KB, 713x1024

¨ No.3849
224.89KB, 500x712

¨ No.4543
162.73KB, 452x639

     File: 248.90KB, 628x938
No.4537  [Reply]

¨ No.4538
please more !!!

     File: 407.95KB, 1306x2322
No.4493  [Reply]
I got a new Pretender for you. Do you are intresstet in photos of her, you can send me an email on: knopex@gmx.net and your wish.... a photoset costs 19,99 €
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¨ No.4517
50.12KB, 535x320
I'm not so much into photos and really just want to meet someone. I normally wouldn't have that problem, but due to my current situation I'm just not able to get out these days.

The only rough time I ever had was a really sweet and beautiful woman I met in college who used crutches all the time. As I got to know her I started to fall in love with her, which was really bad because she was married. I was only trying to be friends because I knew she was married.
¨ No.4518
The best thing is a disabled girlfriend, but the second best thing is an able-bodied girlfriend who's open for pretending, is it not?
¨ No.4535
517.38KB, 820x1292

     File: 72.64KB, 560x720
No.4530  [Reply]
Hi all. This lady used to be a model for Visable, but she no longer seems to be on their site. Could anyone share any videos or photos of her? Or are they still being sold somewhere? Thanks.
¨ No.4531
57.63KB, 525x725

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