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     File: 176.03KB, 796x1087
No.1625  [Reply]
As much as I love the Amputee ladies I imagine myself as a man who lost his dick and still has a full sac producing raging hormones and congested glands. IED's in "Not At War, Wars" create some. Kevlar shorts refused being hot and uncomfortable. Watch for V.A. sponsored penis transplants. Welcome to my fantasy.
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¨ No.3178
Why all the rude comments. Although I am not particularly interested in seeing male penile amputees, he IS an amputee, in a way, and perhaps the post should have been in a "men with no members/genitals, etc, but the hateful comments DO NOT belong here!! That crap and hostility really turns off people who are polite and seek a civilized forum!
¨ No.3179
726.65KB, 1280x1707
Agree. This one is congenital aphallia.
I would love to know what a hetero female thinks of such a man. Does she make him use a strap on?
¨ No.3192
If you can't handle it snowflake then why not run off to your safe space now. You may have a trophy waiting for you there LBgreen777@gmail.com

     File: 45.81KB, 336x488
No.3165  [Reply]

¨ No.3167
This kind of post is the stupidest post imaginable, a single picture pushing threads off the first page.
¨ No.3181
17.71KB, 346x486
Agreed and quite apart from anything else the pic has been doctored. Danni was/is a very high LAK. Why people piss around ESing pics of real amps is beyond me. >>3167

     File: 68.81KB, 640x863
No.3177  [Reply]

     File: 58.44KB, 1280x720
No.2610  [Reply]
give her some love
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¨ No.3137
Like...are we bothering her personally? People make comments on the girls posted here all the time.
¨ No.3138
she , as well as other quads, are the opposite of bible bashers
¨ No.3157
"Sounds more like she's just disgusted with the idea that the doctor didn't want her mom to have a choice and hid the truth from her."

Let's keep a sane perspective here: If I had ill will toward you for allowing me to live (through whatever means possible), I would be a psychopath or a lunatic. If you don't understand how ridiculous such a position is, watch The Incredibles -- it starts off with a super hero being sued for saving someone from suicide.

     File: 140.26KB, 1499x1080
No.3140  [Reply]

     File: 82.99KB, 960x720
No.3125  [Reply]
And she floats too. ;-)

     File: 33.91KB, 591x780
No.911  [Reply]
This is a new thread.
There were the threads Pics from Clips 1.0 & 2.0. They dissapeared when the older versions of AnonAmp did too eaten by viruses and screen captors. So, in 2010 I started a new version of the thread, 3.0. By 2012 it had about 900 pics in it, and thoght that it would be too many to manage and then started a version 4.0 which got to have around 650 pics before, again, AnonAmp simply gave way. Money or server problems I don't know. Fortunately this time the pics from 3.0 & 4.0 were not lost but archived in the OldAnonAmp. You can find them in pages 10 & 11.
Now I am starting a new thread "Pics from Clips 5.0" and that with a selection of pics from 3.0 & 4.0. Then will follow pics from aroud 1400 clips I have kept untuched, and they are more still coming! Please bear in mind that the quality of the clips, however improved in the last years, is certainly not HD, hence the result of the pics, some moved or out of focus and all. But still for me at least, better someting than nothing. Hope ypu enjoy them.
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¨ No.3022
285.67KB, 720x576

¨ No.3023
31.69KB, 605x686

¨ No.3120
897.73KB, 1183x768

     File: 85.62KB, 1130x791
No.203  [Reply]
Post your favorite photos of amputee groups HERE!
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¨ No.3115
230.64KB, 683x1024

¨ No.3116
206.50KB, 1024x682

¨ No.3117
153.58KB, 1024x683

     File: 151.21KB, 1024x1024
No.3114  [Reply]

     File: 150.24KB, 1280x853
No.2604  [Reply]
Post your favorite pictures of Male DAK (Double Above Knee) Amputees HERE!!!
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¨ No.2932
21.89KB, 960x636

¨ No.3029
283.26KB, 1276x2048

¨ No.3037
133.21KB, 733x598

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