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Nice to witness civility.
And this thread began over ES.
Wow, what a morph. :-)
Duckduckgo did a bit better than google
¨ No.4802
Reasonable point about EG as she was coyly called on here, as if 99% of people who follow this site knew exactly who she was. I would suggest the main reason that she does not post loads of images of herself (and that includes her social media sites) is that most female amputees do not see pleasing men who find amputees attractive as their raison d'etre.
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Is the guy that originally posted these pics still active somehow?
BTW, these pics are ES! Just before someone starts complaining again! ;)
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¨ No.4764
I literally have no idea what the fuck you're talking about regarding anonymity. Are you one of those people that thinks that if you sign up for a site with a throwaway email you'll still get IP tracked by sinister government agencies and have people in a black van grab you off the street one day?

There are thousands of people that post fetish shit on dA and sites like it every day. No one gives a shit about them.
¨ No.4767
Your comment is what I mean with everyone is f***ing everyone else just up here! Wasn´t there any more polite way telling that?

On DeviantArt everone is anonymous, that´s okay! =)
¨ No.4780
Ever considered that like many (if not most) devs, he's more concerned about his wife/GF/family/friends discovering that limb deficient woman turn him on?

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Click On A Link there.
Get Spammed to third party URL.

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Embed: Amputee Eva: DOMESTIC DUTIES PREVIEW–(YouTube)
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