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Whether it's costumes for Halloween or cosplay, post your favorite pictures of wheelchair users wearing costume(s) HERE!
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15.61KB, 236x314
Just what this board needs, yet another wheelchair thread!!!!!! Picture attached to satisfy posting protocol - no other reason.

     File: 535.09KB, 1206x1218
No.2944  [Reply]
What happened to demilosightings ?
Since one week it is no more available :-(

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Please, invite me to alliance, my code is

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     File: 20.61KB, 320x240
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The lovely Brittney is getting bolder. Check out Amputee Stumpjob on xhamster.
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¨ No.2917
Pretty judgemental for a pervert on a site like this!
¨ No.2918
143.36KB, 718x1080
Single or otherwise bears no relevance here, somehow I don't see her being a burden on the state.

It'll be interesting to see whether stuff like this video is a taster of things to come. She's certainly got raunchier since her comeback.
¨ No.2920
no good news for you, but she isnĀ“t a single :-)

     File: 195.50KB, 1632x918
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     File: 197.12KB, 1396x1042
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¨ No.2821
>> 2792

Lazy fuckers ask. Smart folks would know to scroll up and find >> 2762
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191.95KB, 1024x681

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123.71KB, 960x960

     File: 47.68KB, 500x667
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Let's bring this Board back to quality.
Let's stop the feuding and sociopathic behaviors.

It appears 2 of us actively upload,
One an amputee devotee and one likes paralysis
The Board title is AnonAmp - Anon"Amp".
Let's stop dueling. Fighting = No Fun.
No, Who Started It.
If y'wanna quote rules, no rule against ES now.
But, all the old timers here know it.
For the sake of peace and quality, how about one thread for Spinal Cord Ladies and I stop the manure uploads. The ES and Oldies.
Behavioral response is sufficient.
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¨ No.2823
1.13MB, 958x1600
Braces thread, please!
¨ No.2855
3 ES threads,3 Wheelchair, 2 SAE - all in the space of the first 3 pages!!!! Time the moderator started getting proactive and merging these same subject threads....the board's not big enough to allow such indulgence.
¨ No.2856
32.69KB, 419x317
Start with the IMOs who don't unload images with their IMO

     File: 155.32KB, 1080x1080
No.2084  [Reply]
Post your favorite Amputee Artwork HERE!
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780.04KB, 2400x1803

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351.23KB, 1350x1350
Something for everyone?

     File: 737.63KB, 2400x3657
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