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Embed: 20 октября 2017 г.–(YouTube)
No.3564  [Reply]
Wonderful model - http://liaamputee.com/
¨ No.3565
Fuck off, you thief. Just reported that site as well as devotella to your host and ICANN.

     File: 155.32KB, 1080x1080
No.2084  [Reply]
Post your favorite Amputee Artwork HERE!
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¨ No.3524
Fuck anonamp !
stolen from:
and others.
google "search by image" helps you find the originals and watching it full size without this adfly crap
¨ No.3560
590.47KB, 1788x3000

¨ No.3561
115.96KB, 1074x834
I worked with the artist of the coquette OOE lady to develop the other 3 and the special living space. I am grateful to him.

     File: 78.05KB, 564x831
No.3050  [Reply]

¨ No.3521
280.09KB, 838x1200

¨ No.3525
47.83KB, 585x585

¨ No.3545
174.18KB, 500x750

     File: 204.38KB, 500x638
No.3537  [Reply]

     File: 191.92KB, 600x860
No.3536  [Reply]

     File: 105.96KB, 1080x1350
No.3522  [Reply]
All disabilities welcome, as long as she's wearing a Halloween costume.
¨ No.3523
160.98KB, 1080x1080

     File: 31.68KB, 300x400
No.3484  [Reply]
Isn't she gorgeous? I'm sure I recall ampgermany announcing recently that she was one of two new models (both Ukrainian) who have joined them. But there's no reference to them on their website. Anyone got any information or did I imagine the announcement? Certainly if - as someone posted on here - Amanda is retiring, then this cutie is more than qualified to replace her.
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¨ No.3513
326.85KB, 650x488
Thanks for that. Never occurred to me that ampgermany have more than one site. Obviously I've been looking at the one that gets updated less frequently. They're certainly racking up the talent and giving Natalies Palace some serious competition in this niche market.
¨ No.3514
60.13KB, 531x572
I agree - I think that unfortunately Natalie's
site is on the way down. She still has Eva who I find very attractive but her latest releases have been poor.
¨ No.3515
534.29KB, 516x599

     File: 105.56KB, 776x719
No.3500  [Reply]

Embed: Джон Стюарт ¦ Путин нагнул Обаму ¦ Америка в осадке–(YouTube)
No.3477  [Reply]

     File: 174.34KB, 800x498
No.2868  [Reply]
Post your favorite pictures of Amputees modeling in fashion shows HERE!
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¨ No.3112
219.40KB, 1024x683
¨ No.3113
222.02KB, 1024x749
¨ No.3475
43.46KB, 722x722

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