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File 138698636146.jpg - (119.43KB , 1042x1330 , 138698636146.jpg )
11718 No. 11718
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>> No. 11720
File 138700324633.jpg - (501.44KB , 1200x1185 , 138700324633.jpg )
>> No. 11751
File 138705268458.jpg - (273.21KB , 818x1201 , 138705268458.jpg )
many people were shocked when leah reminy,star of the king of queens.came back from her german vacation with no arms and leggs.she claims it was a car accident but insiders say she was an amputee wannabe and she had them amputated in a private hospital.
>> No. 11752
File 138705748885.jpg - (366.78KB , 691x1040 , 138705748885.jpg )
to the horror of many stunned fans kaley cuoco,star of the hit tv show"the big bang theory"quit the show mid season and checked into a private hospital to have her arms and leggs amputated.
>> No. 11755
File 138712682857.jpg - (374.24KB , 691x1040 , 138712682857.jpg )
"ive always wanted to be a quadruple amputee,and now that i was making a lot of money this was my chance to make that dream come true so i went for it.
>> No. 11756
File 138712704180.jpg - (379.14KB , 691x1040 , 138712704180.jpg )
i wanted to have my dream body while i was still young and hot,so i could have and amputee site and sell pictures of my self and be a star in the amputee-devotee community,i have a whole new audience now and they really love me like this.
>> No. 11757
File 138712833173.jpg - (270.21KB , 1200x785 , 138712833173.jpg )
"i wanted to be the only limbless porn star in history,and now i am that girl,its so awesome laying there helpless and getting fucked hard.
>> No. 11759
File 138713171083.jpg - (651.06KB , 1262x903 , 138713171083.jpg )
im selling a lot of photo sets on my new site "limbless kaley.com"
>> No. 12283
File 138808913842.jpg - (67.34KB , 360x360 , 138808913842.jpg )
>> No. 12304
File 138835431123.jpg - (256.06KB , 833x1200 , 138835431123.jpg )
after the marriage to her new husband who is a follower of a strict religion witch the wife must have her arms and legs amputated and be cared for by a midwife.angelina jolie released these pictures of her self with her stumps still in bandages.
>> No. 12316
After Angelina had her breasts amputated, she wanted more... or rather less!
>> No. 12731
File 13903267526.jpg - (449.60KB , 691x1040 , 13903267526.jpg )
After 2 years of being a quad i decided to have my little arm stumps amputated,i like my smooth armless shoulders better than short arm stumps.my girlfriend dressed me in one of my new leotards,i love the way this tight spandex hugs my limbless torso,i can feel it pulling on my pussy and riding up between my round ass cheeks,its awesome,i can make myself cum by arching my back and rocking back and fourth,it takes a while and i get all sweaty but its worth the effort.and my girlfriend loves to watch me squirm and flop around to pleasure myself.
>> No. 12732
File 139033498863.jpg - (347.12KB , 675x900 , 139033498863.jpg )
Here i am in another one of my new leotards,my girlfriend likes rolling me around and dressing me,sitting me up combing my hair and laying me down,taking pictures of me in different locations,i bought a lot of new stuff so theres going to be a lot of dressing and undressing in the next few days. yaaaay!
>> No. 12734
File 139034595137.jpg - (532.73KB , 1000x750 , 139034595137.jpg )
I was trying to help sara cook dinner,but i was not much help.
>> No. 12739
File 139041808989.jpg - (119.53KB , 853x929 , 139041808989.jpg )
>> No. 12757
File 13904979831.jpg - (291.00KB , 973x1010 , 13904979831.jpg )
>> No. 12760
File 13905067032.jpg - (334.84KB , 1000x750 , 13905067032.jpg )
Drew Barrymore,Quad Cheerleader
>> No. 12763
File 139050996252.jpg - (323.84KB , 684x999 , 139050996252.jpg )
Young Drew Barrymore, Double Below Elbow
>> No. 12764
File 139051333450.jpg - (519.09KB , 750x1000 , 139051333450.jpg )
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