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File 130495023230.jpg - (64.90KB , 768x1022 , 130495023230.jpg )
12914 No. 12914
How many people here have a real relationship with a real amputee? Can you post pictures never seen before? You don't have to post face pictures, or anything that can compromise your privacy. I will start a picture of my girlfriend Jesica, I've posted several of her pics here before.
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>> No. 12943
File 130498843945.jpg - (61.98KB , 768x1022 , 130498843945.jpg )
So you guys are married or date amputees who are not devotee friendly? Do they know you are devotees?

Jesica enjoys the attention she gets from devotes. I uploaded to Youtube a few short videos of Jesica years ago, but none of them showed her face. The we started getting nasty and stupid comments from some people so she asked me to remove them. But it was too late, they were already all over Youtube.
>> No. 13066
File 130511640371.jpg - (57.67KB , 1022x768 , 130511640371.jpg )
Thanks for your responses. But come on people, I find it hard to believe that there not at least another person here that is willing to share pictures of their amputee significant other. As I said before, there is no need to show their face of any other detail that can compromise your privacy.

In the meantime here's another picture of Jesica, this time showing her big scars on her wonderful RAK stump.
>> No. 13586
File 130610969075.jpg - (80.77KB , 1022x768 , 130610969075.jpg )
It was not my intention to start a Jesica thread. As I mentioned before, what I wanted was for people who have an amputee wife or girlfriend to share some new pictures, without revealing any faces, places or private details that can compromise your privacy.
>> No. 13589
File 130612452436.jpg - (195.25KB , 683x1024 , 130612452436.jpg )
Regarding the question someone asked of how I met Jesica, one day about 5 years ago I was driving my car when I saw a cute one legged girl waiting to cross the street right in front of me. Naturally, I stopped my car to let her cross. She was wearing a blue jean skirt, similar to the one in the picture, but a little longer, with only her left foot emerging from the bottom. Her long skirt left me wondering if her amputation was above or below the knee. She was also wearing a white shirt and a pair of axillary crutches. She crutched very quickly, like only an expert crutcher can, and (to me) she looked really sexy while doing it.
>> No. 13590
File 130612534689.jpg - (182.53KB , 684x1024 , 130612534689.jpg )
All my life I had tried to start a conversation with women amputees, with the hope that I might get lucky someday. Well, ir turned out this was my lucky day!

After she crossed the street I drove ahead and I took the next U turn and saw her sitting on a bench, in a little park in a big gas station. So I parked parked my car and went into the gas station's conveniece store, bought a drink, and then I casually approached to where she was sitting. Now that she was sitting I could clearly see the outline of her above the knee stump.
>> No. 13592
File 130612639497.jpg - (175.01KB , 678x1024 , 130612639497.jpg )
After a few minutes we struck eye contact, I smiled at her and she smiled back! So we started talking. Turns out she was waiting for her best fried and neighbor, who was at a job interview in an office building accross the street. As we talked the conversation turned to her amputation, and she told me it had been caused by a motorcycle accident. As I was waiting for the right moment to ask her out on a date, her friend came. She gave me a strange look and started talking to Jesica, obviously about the outcome of her interview. Then her friend's cell phone rang, and while she was answering the call I gathered the courage and asked Jesica her phone number. And she gave it to me!
>> No. 13593
File 130612758684.jpg - (197.43KB , 697x1024 , 130612758684.jpg )
A few days later I called her, we talked on the phone for a while and then I asked her out. She accepted! So 2 days later we went out for lunch and then we talked for hours at a shopping mall. This was the day that I confessed that I found her "difference" interesting in a sexy sort of way. I'm sure by now she at least suspected it anyway, and she seemed to enjoy my conversation and my attentions.

She told me all the details about the accident that resulted in the amputation of her right leg. It had happened 2 years before, one day she was at home when her cousin came to show his new motorcyle. He invited her for a ride, he was still learning to drive the motorcycle, and had been drinking. He drove too fast, lost control, and they crashed against a fence. Her cousin died instantly, and Jesica suffered a nasty fracture in her leg. She was taken to a hospital and she had a surgery on her leg, and apparently her leg was going to heal. But after a couple of days her leg got an infection, and she lost consciousness due to high fever. When she woke up, a couple of days later, her leg was gone.
>> No. 13615
File 13062042423.jpg - (95.36KB , 720x540 , 13062042423.jpg )
My story is not of an amputee but of a girl in a wheelchair. I guess u can call me lucky because of the way it happened since its happened more than once but never with a amputee always wheelchair bound girls. The first time was with a woman a little over twice my age that I met on MySpace that was when I was 18, I am 20 now. The second time was with a girl that I went to high school with and met on Facebook she was younger than me when i was 19. Now I have met a girl that uses a power wheelchair and has little arm movement and control. She has a beautiful face, a small body, with large tits, skinny legs. We have gone on a date and have one coming up this week. She knows about my special interest and is ok with it and thinks its great. She's hasn't dated any devs before and is crazy about me.(pic unrelated)
>> No. 25632
File 132655758850.jpg - (93.18KB , 746x1024 , 132655758850.jpg )
Here's a new picture of Jesica.
>> No. 31365
File 133687455666.jpg - (70.75KB , 1022x768 , 133687455666.jpg )
And another to bump the thread
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