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File 143043569713.jpg - (285.14KB , 585x718 , 143043569713.jpg )
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>> No. 78632
the crack baby basketball league in action.
>> No. 78699
On a different subject to slagging people off, she seemed to get her artificial leg back on quickly and with ease, plus she walks extremely well with it. If I had seen her in the street I probably wouldn't have noticed that she was an amputee - unless someone pulled her leg off that is!
>> No. 78715
File 143095313451.jpg - (28.91KB , 322x480 , 143095313451.jpg )
if you held a bucket of fried chicken in front of her she would sprint like an Olympian.

File 143027358249.jpg - (138.08KB , 960x720 , 143027358249.jpg )
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And a nice video to go with it. Would appreciate it greatly if someone can translate this.

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File 143092729825.jpg - (54.62KB , 355x538 , 143092729825.jpg )
Her name's gotta be in the news article.
But there's a fat chance we can access it, or do anything with it.
>> No. 78710
File 143092750839.jpg - (71.65KB , 396x633 , 143092750839.jpg )
And it's a shame Burmese is such a Godawful language to work with. Even for those devs who like to surf in strange and funny languages, Burmese is a really tough row to hoe.
>> No. 78712
Last one

File 143089329875.jpg - (347.91KB , 768x900 , 143089329875.jpg )
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>> No. 78706
She's cute, article's author I mean.

File 143075399733.jpg - (186.43KB , 520x799 , 143075399733.jpg )
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Psychologists and scientists do not differentiate the ocean that exists between "B.I.I.D (Body integrity identity disorder)sick" and a "Wannabe person"

Una persona enferma de "B.I.I.D" siente que esa parte no le pertenece, le molesta y la odia al sentirla ajena a su cuerpo la cual puede ser una pierna una mano o brazo como todos sabemos...
Entonces siente la necesidad de que se la amputen y quiten de su cuerpo.

Una persona "Wannabe" es totalmente diferente en su forma de pensar, se siente bien con todas sus partes, no odia ninguna ni tampoco la siente extraña y sabe que si se la amputan en ocasiones la va a extrañar, pero siente la necesidad de probar que es perderla, por ejemplo en el caso de una pierna, el querer pararse y sentir que donde antes tenia apoyo solo hay vació y no lo puede hacer, así como ver la modificación de esa extremidad (muñón) palparlo y sentir su forma redonda o diferente. tan bien la mayoría de los casos desean el sentir el encaje de una protesis sobre el muñón y sentir que su muñón esta prensado dentro del socalo, sentir apoyarlo, esto es lo mismo que para quien quiere por ejemplo amputarse una mano y colocarse una protesis de ganchos, es la sensacion, la prueba! y en casos ser diferente a la sociedad, es casi parecido a la gente que se hace tatuajes, muchos doctores no lo llegan a comprender a los wannabe y los llaman de locos, están errados, si bien no es algo común, el ser humano viene practicando modificaciones desde la época de los indígenas, y a diferencia de lo que los médicos piensan una persona wannabe que termina siendo amputada llega a realizar sus mas grandes deseos y fantasías y a pesar de que en alguna ocasión puede extrañar su parte faltante, la alegría de verse y sentirse en ese estado cubre cualquier perdida y no llegan a amargarse, al contrario están felices, lamentablemente los doctores no diferencian entre un enfermo de "BIID" y una persona "Wannabe" y tampoco apoyan las amputaciones de miembros sanos, lo que lleva a la gente a congelarse en frió seco o dispararse con una escopeta para destrozar y así ser amputada.
Si sabes ingles tanto como esp
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>> No. 78676
Google translator from spanish to english

A person suffering from "BIID" feels that part does not belong, bothered and hates to feel foreign to your body which can be a hand or arm leg as we all know ...
Then feel the need to be amputated and removed from the body.

A person "Wannabe" is totally different in their thinking, it feels good with all its parts, not hate any nor feels strange and knows that if the amputated occasionally will miss, but feels the need to prove that is losing, for example in the case of a leg, wanting to stop and feel that where once had support just have emptied and you can not do, and see the change in the limb (stump) I feel it and feel its round shape or different. as well most cases want to feel the fitting of a prosthesis to the stump and feel that your limb is pressed within Socalo, feel support, this is the same as for those who want such amputate a hand and wear a prosthesis hooks, it is the feeling, the test! and in cases differ from society, it is almost like people are getting tattoos, many doctors have not come to understand the wannabe and call them crazy, they are wrong, although it is not common, the human being comes practicing modifications since the time of the Indians, unlike what doctors think a person that ends up being amputated wannabe gets to make their greatest desires and fantasies and although occasionally may miss his missing hand, the joy of being and feel in that state covers any losses and fail to sour the contrary they are happy, unfortunately the doctors do not differentiate between a patient "BIID" and a person "Wannabe" and do not support the amputation of healthy limbs, leading to people freezing cold or dry fired a shotgun to destroy and thus be amputated.
If you know English as well as Spanish translates this text for all to understand.
>> No. 78689
sure, TLDR.

as far as I read, die post is talking about wannabeism and pretendism.

why is this post being posted at /ampw? I suppose that it is because the /pretender area is locked.
>> No. 78695
>>78676 Thanks for that. I don't know whether it's the original text or Google's attempt to translate but it does seem like an awful amount of waffle to describe what could be covered by 3 or 4 well worded paragraphs. More to the point, what was the reason for posting it in the first place? No explanation given!

File 143088859946.jpg - (303.03KB , 2048x1536 , 143088859946.jpg )
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File 143088395046.jpg - (24.32KB , 478x960 , 143088395046.jpg )
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File 143087621479.jpg - (44.63KB , 640x960 , 143087621479.jpg )
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File 142993275247.jpg - (246.19KB , 800x600 , 142993275247.jpg )
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>> No. 78684
File 143083661655.jpg - (305.39KB , 800x600 , 143083661655.jpg )
>> No. 78685
File 143083673698.jpg - (294.96KB , 800x600 , 143083673698.jpg )

File 143080555372.jpg - (507.02KB , 658x900 , 143080555372.jpg )
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File 143079278672.jpg - (106.10KB , 726x960 , 143079278672.jpg )
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>> No. 78661
File 143079691265.jpg - (52.56KB , 514x669 , 143079691265.jpg )
>> No. 78662
File 143079694738.jpg - (86.99KB , 588x960 , 143079694738.jpg )
>> No. 78663
File 14307995106.jpg - (59.12KB , 720x960 , 14307995106.jpg )

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